Not Fired Up for Basketball Yet?

From time to time we find something on the message boards that deserves the front page. Here's a post from a "lurker" who's reeeeeally looking forward to Wildcat Basketball this year.

The first thing that gets me fired up is the coaching staff. We are very lucky to have outstanding coaches. They are very good tactically and they have brought in quality recruits that fit their system. Whenever our team is running its offense well it is a joy to watch especially for someone fed up with the two man game we see so often in the NBA. I am also surprised how well coached we are defensively (even though we sound ragged in this preseason). Despite lacking size our team consistently plays aggresive defense. Despite this, when we have our dry spells on offense we can be painful to watch, but with all the scorers we are recruiting we can expect these dry spells to get much shorter.

I am very impressed with the attitude of all our players. Yesterday, Jitim Young was on the local news talking about the international flavor of our team. He seemed to excited and happy that his enthusiasm was infectious. He is a great leader and I look for him to have a huge year. Jitim represents everything that is good about college basketball.

We still are a very young team. That is one area that worries me. This makes me think we are one or two years away from really making some noise. This is also frustrating because there are some deserving players who might miss out on something that they helped build. I felt terrible for Tavares Hardy and Collier Drayton when we didn't make the post season last year. Let's not repeat that with Winston Blake, Aaron Jennings and Jason Burke.

I am going to try to make it to as many games as possible because some great things could happen in Evanston. We might still be a year away from making a national splash, but I am looking forward to an improved team and a great season.

These are just some of my thoughts. I am interested to hear what others have to say.


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