Will we see VV?

As the NU Wildcats get ready to face Maryland - Eastern Shore, one big question remains: How is Vedran Vukusic's shoulder?

During the last game, 6-8 Sophomore Forward Vedran Vukusic yanked an offensive rebound hard out of the air under the basket and immediately yelled, dropped the ball, and stopped playing as he grabbed his shoulder hunched over waiting for a trainer to come to his aid. He went to the locker room and returned wearing an ice pack on his shoulder. Since then those unconfirmed rumors haven't been good.

NU fans remember that Vukusic [VV] had a continuing problem last year with his right shoulder, a shoulder dislocation which hampered his play at times, and that he had arthroscopic surgery last Spring to fix the problem. He came back to the team this Fall just about 100%. So far he's played both forward and center, starting both games for Aaron Jennings [NU Photo right]in the exhibitions [Jennings has shin splints].

We all know that NU does not release medical information on players.

So what if VV is out for a while?

Gregory Kane, Purple Reign's Basketball reporter thinks that Senior Jason Burke [NU Photo-left] will most likely move into the starting lineup. Although he's listed at 6'8", Jason looks to be a good inch or two shorter than Vedran. However Jason is considered more athletic, he's a great sixth man because he can play every position on the floor, although his shooting numbers might be a little lower than Vukusic's.

Starting Burke will create more of a need for Sophomore Forward Davor Duvancic [NU Photo-right] to step up and play more minutes.  Unfortunately, neither Jason nor Davor has really established themselves as credible, consistent scorers thus far.

Once again, nobody knows for sure about Vedran Vukusic's condition.

We'll all stand up and cheer if VV takes the floor for the Cats Friday. Until then, we just don't know.

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