"Sweet Sioux" Who?

Since 1947 NU and Illinois play for state bragging rights, and a tomahawk...

Yes Virginia, there is something to play for this Saturday...
Somewhere, in the bowels of the Illinois football facilities, in the player's lounge there's a trophy case, and on one of the shelves right now, there's a tomahawk.

Named after a long forgotten (and lost) wooden indian that used to represent victory in the Illinois - Northwestern game, possession of the The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk is the primary object of all the football efforts coming up Saturday.

The Tomahawk has represented the winner of the NU-Illinois game since 1947. The Series between our two schools goes back way longer than that, but in 1945 the two student newspapers [The Daily Northwestern and the Daily Illini] decided the game needed a traveling trophy. A cigar store indian [Sweet Sioux] was chosen but later disappeared. The Tomahawk was substituted and has remained the trophy ever since.

It may be more important to the Illini -

I think it means a lot to our guys. We have a trophy case and we keep it in our player's lounge. It has three shelves in it, one for each of the trophy games Illinois plays. Its real important to our guys to see that trophy case full -- [Illinois Coach Ron Turner]
The Illini actually have 3 of these trophies - A Cannon for the Purdue games, a wooden turtle (the Illibuck-originally a live turtle) for the series with OSU, and "Sweet Sioux."

NU Coach Randy Walker recognizes its importance too,

Sure they do, its a symbolic thing - everywhere I've been...
In fact, Walker remembers another trophy from his college days...
In Miami there was a bell, some broken down old bell, I don't know where they got it from, but you thought it was made of gold.
So forget playing for .500, or sending the Seniors off with a win, or avenging the close game last year in Champaign, or avenging the Illini putting an Orange helmet on Hannibal 4 years ago, we're playing for a tomahawk Saturday!
Its a symbolic thing about the rivalry

It think its fun, its exciting - it really doesn't exist in any other venue. and these rivalry games that go on across the country they're just fun and whatever symbolic measures you take may make it even more so.

That's what Randy Walker says

There's just one thing - I tried to find a picture of the "Sweet Sioux" tomahawk. 

Here's the only "Sweet Sioux" picture I could find on the internet....

It gives them something tangible to play for - [Ron Turner]

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