The Pam Ward Factor - 2008

Coach Roy ran into ESPN's Pam Ward last weekend, and just had to relate the story about the "Pam Ward Factor."

Yes, believe it or not, ESPN's Play-by-play announcer Pam Ward was in the house for the Little League Senior Softball World Series last weekend. Those involved who know of Pam were pretty fired up when her selection was announced - she's really good at women's sports - but that's not the reason for this commentary.

Back when she first started doing Northwestern games on ESPN+, it seemed that the Cats would win. Maybe it was a Cardiac Cat event, but NU seemed to come away on top when Pam was calling the action.

When I relayed this fact to her last Friday night, she seemed surprised - she never knew just how important her appearance in the booth had been to the Wildcat's fortunes over the years. (Some have commented on the game chat that her absence from the booth has cost us games, but that's not proven.)

In any case, Pam got a chuckle out of the story, and then volunteered that she was going to be the play-by-play voice on the Syracuse game. I guess we can put that one in the win column the "Pam Ward Factor" returns to Wildcat Football.

(Maybe not - we still have to play the game)

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