The Coach has some things he is thankful for this Thanksgiving... "> The Coach has some things he is thankful for this Thanksgiving... ">

Things to be Thankful For...

<b><font color="#330033">The Coach has some things he is thankful for this Thanksgiving...</font></b>

Some things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Weekend
I'm thankful
I can offer Congratulations to:
  • Jeff Roehl - 2nd Team All Big 10 Guard.
  • Austin King - Honorable Mention All Big 10
  • Raheem Covington - Honorable Mention All Big 10
  • Jason Wright - Honorable Mention All Big 10

  • I'm thankful that they all got through the season unhurt, and they got recognition for their hard work in a thankless season all year long.

I'm Thankful
For Henry Beinen and Rick Taylor, or whoever it was, that had the inspired thought to offer Bill Carmody the Head Basketball Coaching position at Northwestern.

I'm Thankful
That there were few serious injuries this year on the football field. And that Pat Durr, Alexander Webb and Brett Basanez and Derell Jenkins are all well on the way to recovery.

I'm Thankful
For Chris Pool, Gregory Kane, Stephen Truog, Warren Silver, Steve Fridley, Bryan Knoll, Glen Nelson: who help me  produce Purple Reign every day and everyone who hangs out on the message boards. [I still miss Ray Prazak and Steve Danson - their now silenced voices made Purple Reign a better place, but I'm still thankful they were there.]

I'm Thankful
For Justin Chabot, Craig Robinson, Mike Wolfe and everyone else at NU who respond to questions about things happening at NU [and who will answer rumors with facts.] And Larry Watts who helps out more than he realizes.

I'm Thankful
That my 2 Football Playing sons David and Andrew got through this season without any major injuries. And that my other son, Edward, who works in Rockville, MD, avoided getting involved in the sniper attacks.

I'm Thankful
That my Wife, Kathryn, puts up with her husband's 2nd job/hobby/whatever and lets me publish Purple Reign, hang out in Football-Softball-Baseball Press Boxes, coach Youth Football, and generally be Coach Roy.

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