NC State Came to Play [Updated/Corrected]

<b>Aaron Jennings</b> had 17, <b>Jimmy Maley</b> had 14, <b>TJ Parker</b>-10, <b>Evan Seacat</b> 6 and <b>Mohamed Hachad</b> 2 and that was it for scoring as <b>NC State</b> rolled over NU 74-49 in the <b>Big 10-ACC Challenge</b> Wednesday night. <br>Then there were the 20 turnovers...

It was closer at the half, within 15 or so, and NU scored the first points of the 2nd half, but NC State turned it on, and shut down the NU inside pass, and forced the Cats to shoot from way outside the arc.

Aaron Jennings scored 17, some were 3's the rest inside, but it wasn't enough as the Wolfpack shut out Jitim Young, and Jason Burke.

The Wolfpack, on the other hand, seemed to revel in playing their version of the "Princeton" game, and they had the tools to make the offense sing. NU would close up the middle and someone would sink a 3 from the arc. NC State made the first 5 threes they shot!

The other thing that stood out was the hair trigger foul calls against the Wildcats. It was almost as if the refs decided that the NU Big 10 game might be a little too rough for their ACC boys, so Jimmy Maley had 2 fouls on him in the first minutes of the game. NU did not shoot a free throw in the first half!

More commentary later - but this one raised more questions than it answered.

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