NU wins in the final seconds. NU 62 BGSU 60

<b>TJ Parker</b> hits for 2 with less than 10 seconds to beat BGSU 62-60 after <b>Aaron Jennings</b> tied the game with a freethrow. The Cats held on to win.

TJ Parker was cramping up, but came in for Jitim Young with less than :30. He had enough left for the last shot [and for a new career high of 15 and 6 steals.]

The Cats had come out fast, hitting the cutter, and at one point led 13-4, but BGSU went on a long run and led at the half. The Cats came back after the Coach's halftime speech. [there are rumors of damage to the Wildcat locker room] and got the lead back. The Falcons stayed even and Jabari Mattox put BGSU up by one with less than a minute left.

But Aaron Jennings got fouled and tied the game. After the Cats got the ball back Parker returned, took the ball to the hoop and sank the layup with seconds left. BGSU's final shot missed.

Jim Maley and Aaron Jennings had 13 for the Cats. Jennings had 7 rebounds, tieing Jitim Young who also had 7. Jason Burke had 8 points, Jitim Young had 7 and Winston Blake had 6.

The Cats shot 21-53 [.396] from the floor, 7-23 [.304] from the arc, and 13-18 [.722] on freethrows.

The WGN - Hard Working Player of the game was: TJ Parker

According to Coach Carmody's postgame comments, Winston Blake's ankle is still bothering him. He rotated in and out with Jim Maley and Jason Burke, but was strong enough to play Center, guarding BGSU's leading scorer, Kevin Netter.

The Cats now head for Finals Week and an 11 day layoff before they face Elon on December 18th.

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