Big Recruiting Weekend - Big Results?

It was a big weekend for <b>Northwestern Football Recruiting,</b> and it looks like NU Coach <b>Randy Walker</b> may have grabbed <b>3, maybe more</b> new commitments. Here are the latest reports gathered from various Insider resources, including our own NU Recruiting Guru - <b>Chris Pool</b>...

Even the weather cooperated, and apparently three of the prospects who visited this weekend committed. Apparently there were a couple of other prospects who are expected to commit in the near future.

Who Committed:
[You can find the latest "semi-official" Chris Pool List from the Insiders Scout Database here]. It depends on who you count, but NU's total should be 8 Commits right now.

  • WR Nick Roach - 6-1, runs a 4.56 :40 - adds to Coach Feggins WR Roster
  • L Trevor Schultz - from Michigan
  • RB/LB Mark Koehn - Apparently he decided before the weekend he wants to come to NU.
Who Showed up [or at least hadn't cancelled]:
  • CB Deante Battle - Found Chicago Pizza irresistable - would fit into NU's Dback group verry well.
  • OL Chad Macklin -
  • OL Fred McConnell - 6-4 325 - Spent the weekend with Barry Cofield - was impressed with how close the team is, and how enthusiastic the coaches are.
  • DE David Ngene - NU reported to be the leader
  • C Trevor Rees - He enjoyed his visit, but is still taking the rest of his visits - Clemson is really interested and appears worried about this weekend's visit.
  • WR Kim Thompson - another receiver from Detroit Country Day.
Who Rescheduled: A couple of things to remember:
  1. Commits are just that - verbal commitments. Players can (and sometimes do) change their mind. We have to wait for the official signing day to see who is actually coming to play next year.
  2. Reported Commitments are based on what the players tell us.
  3. Starting December 23, all recruiting enters a Dead/Quiet Period - little or no contact allowed until January 12th.
We'll keep you posted as soon as we find out more...

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