Random Thoughts: The Dearth of Black Coaches

If you take the 12% number for the black population in the US, there should be 14, maybe 15 Div I Black Coaches – there are now 4. Is the problem lack of candidates, the big doners, or the lack of experience? Here's daCoach's thinking....

News Item: ESPN reports that the number of Black Coaches is now down to 4

With the current change expected in the White House, will this become an issue? Will it be used to distract everyone from the state of the economy that is voting with their feet over proposed corporate and capital gains tax increases? Does it matter?

I have to agree with those who question why Black coaches can't seem to crack the top job, but I also know that coaches serve at the whims of the alumni – the guys who provide the money to pay the coaches. (For the record: at NU, I personally think Jerry Brown has the intellect and ability to be the head guy somewhere, but I don't think the fire in the belly is there right now since he's a big part of NU behind the scenes. I'd hate to see him leave NU)

Another big problem is that many of the top Black players went to the NFL and made what some might consider obscene salaries – the guys with the big names don't need the day to day hassle of coaching a college team altho I could make the case that they need to give something back.

We all saw what one Black NFL QB who became a coach did at Grambling – Williams went there from the NFL and kept the program alive. More NFL guys need to think about doing that.

I think another solution is what RW saw at NU – schools have to raise the salaries of the assistants, especially at the lower levels. Coaches need to be able to make enough money to make that offer from the local business to move into industrial sales unattractive. I once had a former N**** D*** star RB sell me radio network services for RKO. He was an outstanding sales rep, but probably could also have become an assistant or even head guy somewhere, but he could make more money selling the network, and he didn't have to travel as much.

Maybe the solution is for the lower level teams to go after NFL alums since lots more potential jobs are out there in Div III and Div II. Those coaches can learn the craft of recruiting, and game management, and learn how to become the head man.

If that happens, we'll be worrying about the percentage being higher than the population, not lower.

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