Bowling After Rivalry Week and an NU Win

The good ole folks in B(C)S land are about to step in a big pile of you-know-what and I love it! Is there a German word for super-Schadenfreude?

So OU stomps TTech tonight ... but TTech beat Texas ... and Texas beat OU ... and let's say all finish 11-1. Who gets into the BCS title game? Heck, who gets into the BIG XII title game? The Big XII takes the chicken way out and just goes with whoever's higher in the BCS (another reason the awesomeness of these conference title games is a load of hooey - last year Tennessee was in the SEC title game on tiebreakers even though it was clear Georgia-LSU were the two best teams, but they never met on the field).

So does the BCS leapfrog OU three spots over Texas ... who BEAT Oklahoma on a neutral field? Probably. I don't really feel much sympathy for Mack Brown, but if this does happen, they were robbed. Of course, so was UGa when a lackluster win over a mediocre Tennessee jumped LSU a few spots above the Dawgs last year.

And we could still have OU losing in Stillwater next week, putting Texas Tech in the Big XII title game thanks to the tiebreak, but TEXAS in the national title game on their BCS ranking ... and wouldn't it be great if FSU toppled the overconfident Gators, who then went on to beat Bama ... or if Mizzou rose up in the cold weather to win the Big XII title game ... and if that helped USC get into the title game, even if they didn't even get their own conference's automatic berth?

Yes, the BCS is wild, unpredictable end to the season. A car wreck is also wild and unpredictable. It doesn't mean it's a good thing. College football will never be truly great until it decides to settle its championship on the field. There will still be plenty of fun in the regular season, plenty of controversy at selection of time and there will also be another couple round of thrilling games and a feeling that at least the top teams had a shot to earn it on the field instead of this made-up-as-we-go system of bizarre tiebreaks and shenanigans in the polls to clean up the mess and such.

As for the bowl picks at this hour, here's what I see ...

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP: Florida vs. Oklahoma - Heck of a game, but I think there are at least four other teams with just as good of a claim to the title.

FIESTA: Texas vs. Southern Cal - The folks in Arizona have a heck of a match either way with OSU or SC against OU or UT, but with the Trojans and Horns, this turns into an alternate national title game, with two 11-1 teams who have big claims to the top getting their shot to impress AP voters and hope for a split title.

SUGAR: Alabama vs. Utah - The Utes will find that there's a huge difference between playing the BCS' Big Least "pity auto qualifier" and rolling like Pitt and playing 12-1 Alabama in the Superdome. Ouch!

ROSE: Penn State vs. Oregon State - A rematch, but both teams are far more confident and better than the ones who met in Happy Valley in September ... good game.

ORANGE: Cincinnati vs. ACC TBA - Gee, isn't this the crown jewel of the BCS, with a team who got waxed by UConn against a team who may win their league with three losses ... or four ... or more! The ACC leader seems to lose every week, so it's whoever is left holding the hot potato last!

=== Big Ten Bowls ===

CITRUS: Ohio State vs. Georgia - Heck of a matchup and many of us had this as our preseason title game. Whoever is still be fired up to be playing in mid-Florida instead of South Florida in January will win.

OUTBACK: Michigan State vs. Louisiana State - I think that with LSU's slide and Ole Miss' rise, the Rebs get the Cotton bid and the Tigers slide here, making for a tough matchup on Sparty. South Carolina probably would have been better.

ALAMO: Iowa vs. Oklahoma State - Could be Mizzou, but if the Sooners stomp OSU at Bedlam, then the Cowpokes might be heading down I-35 for a great matchup with the Hawkeyes, who are coming on strong and perform well at bowl time (ask LSU in Orlando or Texas in San Antonio a couple years back).

CHAMPS: Northwestern vs. ACC TBA - Who's it gonna be? Miami? GaTech? VaTech? UVa? FSU? UNC? BC? Wake? Clemson? Wolfpack? Turtles? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? No way to tell with the ACC, but it's good to see the Cats back bowling.

INSIGHT: Wisconsin vs. Nebraska - Lots of red, lots of yellow food on heads and lots of rushing yardage and physical play in what could be a pretty interesting bowl.

MOTOR CITY: Minnesota vs. Central Michigan - If Minny is healthy, this could be a heck of a maroon and gold shootout. But if it's the Minny we've seen in the last month, it could get ugly.



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