Bowling-After those non Big 10 Games Saturday

I think it certainly helps our chances as it's now all but certain Ohio State makes a trip to the BCS and it appears that the Outback Bowl is actually giving us serious consideration against Iowa.

It would be fun to see Fitz and Spurrier - not sure I'd want to see LSU with all their raw talent and glad that Ole Miss (and their terrific coach - think Arkansas wishes they still had him now?) is likely gone to Dallas.

But hey, the Citrus may pick Ole Miss after today -- wasn't an SEC team like UGa supposed to use all their speed to stop the option? Sheesh - they're lucky most of the rest of the 10-20 bunch lost too or else Bama and Florida would both lack a win against a top 20 team (SEC = overrated this year, seriously).

And if it's the Alamo, that could be fun as well. There are some great offenses in that league and terrific QBs, but can anyone play defense? I thought OU and OSU would start onside kicking in the 3rd quarter after it was clear neither was even going to attempt playing defense. Heck, Stoops was just going for it every 4th down after half (and all the bounces sure went the Sooners' way).

So all that excitement, but the BCS can breathe easier. I'd have LOVED to see ...

* TTech lose, so Texas goes regardless of OU's ranking

* OU lose, so TTech goes to the title game but Texas to the real title game

But wouldn't it be fun if, because Mizzou lost to KU, they wind up hurting the winner of the whine game between OU and UT - i.e. the loser doesn't have to play Mizzou and hurt their computer average - so the Sooners jump slightly ahead this week, win a so-so game next week in bad weather, and drop behind UT in the final standings? B-C-MESS! B-C-MESS!

So my latest bowl guess ...

  • BCS: Florida vs. Oklahoma - I'm not sure we should hand Florida the SEC already like the pollsters seem to be doing, but if they do win that and get a home game for the title, hand them that joke of a crystal trophy.
  • ROSE: USC vs. Penn State - Heck of a game with offense vs. defense and two coaches with a proven record of preparing for bowl games and winning the big ones (it's those doughnut ones in between that give JoePa and Pete trouble).
  • FIESTA: Texas vs. Ohio State - I actually like the Buckeyes' chances as UT is bummed about missing the title shot and OSU is a heck of a lot better now than in September.
  • SUGAR: Alabama vs. Utah - Couldn't be as ugly as last year's Sugar Bowl, could it?
  • ORANGE: Cincinnati vs. Boston College - Can't we just have these two play basketball instead?
  • CITRUS: Georgia vs. Michigan State - Run, run, run! If the Dawgs are still snoozing, MSU could hang close.
  • OUTBACK: Northwestern vs. South Carolina - Could be an intriguing matchup.
  • ALAMO: Iowa vs. Missouri - Is there another pig these two can play for?
  • CHAMPS: Wisconsin vs. Miami - Dunno who's gonna be here from the ACC, so I'll just guess the Canes
  • INSIGHT: Kansas vs. Minnesota - If the Gophers are healthy, could be a fun shootout



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