Fitz to Notre Dame? What???!

There are hints around football that N**** D*** is looking at Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald as the man to try to fix the mess in South Bend. In a post answering that, Evanston Cat has a good rebuttal...

First of all, I doubt Notre Dame would settle for anything less than a proven and veteran winner, meaning someone who has won consistently at the highest levels and has been coaching for years. Someone like Urban Meyer or Lou Saban, though I stress "someone like" as I doubt either would take the job. I think ND nation would go ballistic if Paddy Fitzgerald was offered the job, at least at this point in his career.

Second, while he grew up an ND fan, those days ended when Fitz was denied an offer to his dream school, and he went to NU to don purple. If not then, then it was the day Fitz led the Wildcats to victory in South Bend in 1995. Fitzgerald bleeds purple. He has his dream job already. At 34, he's making decent coin, enough so that by staying at NU for his career, which is probably the likely scenario, he will never have to worry about money or job security. Ever.

Why give that up for the insane environment at ND where if you don't happen to win for a season or two, you are canned and out on your ass. And for what? To be a follower? To do something that's been done before?

Fitzgerald won 2 Big 10 Championships when he played here. So, he knows we can win titles year in and year out. He was #3 in the nation. He knows a national championship is possible, and he truly believes he can win one or more here. And that is his goal. Why be another coach in a long line of coaches in South Bend, when he can be the "Joe Pa" of Northwestern? The guy who can make NU into a national program and win NU's first national championships?

Finally, he only needs to look at his mentor Gary Barnett and see all that Barnett gave up to go to Colorado.

If Fitz ever leaves NU, to take another job anywhere, I'll give my left testicle to science.

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