Sterling, Jeff, & Luka Might Get More Time

NU Roundball Coach Bill Carmody was on the WGN Sports Central Show with Dave Kaplan and talked about the upcoming game with Stanford, and how he might use some of that depth on the bench.

Yes, Bill Carmody was talking Wildcat Hoops on the radio last night....
And after the usual banter with Kaplan, the Wildcat coach talked a bit about the upcoming schedule, and how he plans to use some of that depth on the NU bench.

First off he pointed out that the Cats have played Stanford tough the last two years, almost winning away, then losing in the final 2 minutes last year. He speculated that maybe if his starters were fresher, both games might have ended with the Cats on top. He pointed out that good teams have to win on the road, something the Cats have to do to play beyond the Big 10 Tournament.

That led to another revelation from BC - he thinks he has to learn to use more of his bench.

Starting with guard Sterling Williams (avg 8.8 mins), he proceeded to suggest that he is planning to increase the minutes played by him, along with Jeremy Nash (9.0) and maybe Luka Mirkovic (10.5) to try to keep his starters fresher for the end of games.

Most telling comment: He says he needs to look beyond his starters - he looks down the bench and sees 3 or 4 players who might be as good as the starting #4 or #5.

Carmody is known for playing only 7, maybe 8 players once the conference season starts. He suggested last night that he thinks he just might have 10 or 11 guys who can contribute during the game, and not just during "clean up" time.

If he does start playing deeper on the bench, look for tougher defense at the end of close games, altho Kevin Coble, Craig Moore and Michael Thompson probably would argue that they're not tired after 30+ minutes of play...

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