SjT: Alamo Ouch

Its been a long time since the Northwestern Wildcat's have tasted victory in a post season bowl, in fact longer than SjT, or Fitz (and many other Alumni) have been alive. But this year we've come the closest in a long time, and it looks like Fitz will get his bowl win sooner than later.

Well - thank you seniors for an enjoyable year.

Tough loss, but we had our chances and played a heck of a game defensively against one of the nation's top offenses. At least we showed that we belonged after being such a huge underdog. Against OSU and MSU we were outplayed. In this game, we outplayed Mizzou most of the game and just missed too many opportunities against a good team.

Normally, I'd be worried losing so many skill position players on offense next year, but with Hankwitz at the helm, our defense should be ready to step up and shut down opponents while our offense grows up. The pressure next year will really be on McCall. He's shown flashes this year but not enough consistency. Next year he has more of a running QB in Kafka and hopefully will be able to put his stamp on the team more.

Not good for the Big Ten to start 0-2, but this was a much better showing and we played like a top 25 team, unlike the Badgers. The weather should be perfect for another Big XII/Big Ten shootout Wednesday with Minny and KU - hopefully the early season Gophers show up for that one and get us off the snide. I still have a lot of questions about Big XII defenses after this game and how their offensive fireworks may have been a tad inflated.

Oh well, we're getting closer to that bowl win. Fitz is taking great strides every year into becoming our JoePA ... the next one has to be that big trademark win, over a top 10 team or in a bowl game (or both):).



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