SjT: B-C-MESS!!! B-C-MESS!!!

No doubt about it - Steve Truog wants a College Football Playoff system. His desire for that event (and his blood pressure) rose to new heights at the end of the Utah-Alabama Sugar Bowl as those undefeated Ute's handily beat the Crimson Tide. So now comes the voting. Does anyone expect Utah to be #1...?

Yes Virginia, the interminable bowl season is still going on ...
Utah has just intercepted the Tide, sealing a win over mighty Alabama and the untouchable SEC. All that speed and talent was ... on Utah tonight.

They have dominated a team that was neck-in-neck with Florida just a month ago in the "SEC title game for the ages."

They are going to finish the season unbeaten. No one else will.

So the question now goes to AP voters - how can you NOT rank Utah #1?

As for the coaches and Harris/joke voters, how can you call your vote for #1 a champion? Computers aren't the problem anymore with the BCS, the media assistants who fill out the coaches poll and the made-up voters in the Harris poll are.

Especially if Florida wins the so-called title game next week?

I guess the B(C)S folk have to hope Oklahoma beats Florida and Texas loses to OSU ... but even then, how can you leave out Utah from the title mix (or SC, who would have pounded the team that just beat Texas).

Too bad Fox' announcers chose to suck-up to the company line that the BCS is magical, wonderful and great for college football. ABC at least spent the second half yesterday trashing the BCS system for not giving USC a shot.

The entire second half in New Orleans should have at least had ONE mention of how Utah will be the sole unbeaten, and how they had manhandled a team from the SEC that was #1 for weeks and went toe-to-toe with Florida.

Nary a peep from the puppets.

Interesting how the only two relatively close or entertaining BCS games in the last three years have involved the BCS busters. Even more reason for a playoff for college football, the "great movie with a bad ending" as one journalist described it this week.


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