NU Squeaks by Fordham 62-60

Parker, Duvancic and Blake shoot in double figures, The Cats hold down the Rams big players in the end to hold on for the win.

The Fordham Rams made a game of it at the end, but a travel and some timely free throws kept the Wildcats just enough ahead to win. In his post game comments, Bill Carmody said he wished he could enjoy 5 minutes of game as the Cats would get up by 10 and then let Fordham back into it.

The Rams closed to within 3 points late, but the Cats would continue to make free throws and keep ahead. The Cats were finally up 62-57 with less that 10 seconds when the Rams John Blackgrove hit a 3 to get to within 2.

Neither team shot well. The Cats were 19-51 [.373] from the field, the Rams were 23-56 [.411] Both teams had 38 rebounds. The Wildcats won the game on 18 of 27 Free Throw shooting.

Sophomore Forward Davor Duvancic wound up playing for Aaron Jennings, as AJ again picked up 2 fouls quickly. DD started to show some promise and we'll all be watching to see how he continues to develop. He had a career high 12 points [4-8 and 4-4 FTs]. Winston Blake was 2 for 10 from the floor, and 1-8 from the arc but shot 6-8 FTs to wind up with 11 points.

Freshman TJ Parker led all scorers with 23, and was WGN's "Hard working player of the game." Michael Haynes led the Rams with 15.

The Cats will get some time off for Christmas, but look for a lot of practice anyway. NU coach Bill Carmody said he'd like to have practice in the morning, but it is a holiday.

Greg's report will be up later. The Cats get the win.

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