NU Sports News Digest for Thursday 12/26

Now that Christmas is over, we can get back to NU Athletics...There's a slim listing of stories about the Cats today along with another Hoosier coach has temper problems, the Midlands Wrestling Tourney is getting started, ...<br>


As the 'Cats return to the court to practice after a 6 -3 start, the Evantson Review takes another look at Sunday's game...
Parker bails out cold Wildcats [Evanston Review]

Big 10
The Hoosier's coach gets fined for his antics last weekend, proving its not nice to pick on the Big 10 Officials, especially when you're wrong.
Davis to pay for his tirade [Chicago Sports]
Big Ten wants Davis punished [Sun Times]


Here's the full Sporting News Freshman All-American Team

Coach Roy's Son has an idea to help bring the Cats Back...
It all starts Where??? [Purple Reign]

Big 10
Tom Deinhart has some info on Bowls, Minny's attempt to build a new stadium, and more...
Inside Dish: Irish have issues with N.C. State's substitutions [TSN]


While its not officially sponsored by NU, The Midlands is held on the Evanston campus, and several NU wrestlers participate. This year one of the "Wildcat Club" wrestlers is almost old enough to be your daddy, at least one of the coaches.
Conrad won't let age keep him from wrestling with his goal [Daily Herald]
Memories of Midlands still fresh for Hastert [Evanston Review]


From the Big 10 Website - looks like their trying to find a solution to some of the post game problems this year ?
Intercollegiate Athletic Leaders Call Summit To Review Social And Sportsmanship Issues [Big 10]

NFL Cats:
Bob Christian: Making a difference on Christmas [Insiders]
D'Wayne Bates: Proving his worth [Insiders]

Go Cats Beat 'em All
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