I'm a little concerned about the Buffalo Bulls

We've already started gathering the information for our pregame Purple Reign Intel Report, and one thing stands out. The <b>Buffalo Bulls</b>, even though they're dreadful on the road, should be a better basketball team...

A few things that we should consider:
1. So far the Bulls are 3-5, and they don't do very well on the road [0-4].

2. They have trouble keeping opponents off the offensive boards - they only get one shot.

3. They play good initial defense, the opponents usually score on the 2nd or 3rd try.

4. They have a freshman who comes off the bench and shoots 3 pointers well. Some expect him to play more in the future

5. They have a sophomore who has 2 double-doubles so far this season.

6. Their coach complains about poor shot selection and they allow a lot of turnovers.

I'll skip the explanation about they appear to match up well with the struggling 'Cats. Its a good thing that we shouldn't be looking ahead to Indiana just yet.

Lets just suggest that NU may have to take the ball inside and get the follow in shots, or it could be a long night at Welsh-Ryan.

--da Coach

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