NU Sports News Digest for Thursday 1/2

The <b>Men </b>will be taking on the <b>LIU Blackbirds</b> next, and we've got some stories from their last few games. The <b>Women of the Court</b> couldn't get past the Bucks New Years Eve. We've got some <b>Football </b>Commentary, one more <b>Midland's </b>wrestling wrapup, and more on <b>NFL Cat Bob Christian's</b> condition...


Next up for the Cats are the Blackbirds of LIU...
LIU Remains Winless (look down the story for the men) [Newsday]
Their Last game is the 4th capsule down  [Daily News]


The Wildcat Women can't get past OSU on the Road...
Ohio State Buckles 'Cats in Big Ten Opener, 82-49 [NU Sports]
Northwestern women lose Big 10 opener [Chicago Sports]


How Quickly they turn, and other things [Purple Reign]


Chris Pool's Midwest Hot 100 Prospects [Purple Reign]


More on the Midlands Tournament - with the final top 4 -3 Big 10 Schools finished in top 4.
Minotti makes move with Midlands win [Evanston Review]

NFL Cats

Bob Christian: Placed on IR [Insiders]
Go Cats Beat 'em All
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