Sutton, Peterman and Gill Sign as Free Agents

Once again the draft didn't come knocking on the door in Evanston, but three of Northwestern's Wildcats signed deals once the dust settled.

FA #1: Tyrell Sutton spent most of his senior year nursing a broken wrist. But he still managed over 5,000 yards in career all purpose yards. When Tyrell rushed for over 100 yards, the Cats usually won. When he caught passes to boot, NU was unstopable.

The Green Bay Packers can use some running help and some more wins - they signed Tyrell to a free agency deal.

FA #2: Eric Peterman scored three ways in one game last year, passing, rushing and receiving. In a draft class full of wide receivers, Eric was virtually ignored, except by the local Chicago Bears, who got Peterman's signature on a contract Sunday night.

There were rumbles of discontent because the Bears didn't draft any of the receivers available this year. DaBears think they got a deal with Peterman, and so does Purple Reign.

FA #3: It seems like anybody would be able to help Detroit next Fall, but why try? Big John Gill is willing to give the Lions a shot, so he's taking his run stuffing defensive tackle talents to the Detroit summer camp and will see what happens.

Purple Reign had heard rumors that Indianapolis was also interested in the big inside lineman, but it appears that Detroit got there with the contract.

Peterman joins another Wildcat on the long shot list - Fellow Chicago Area QB standout, Brett Basanez, signed a Free Agent contract last fall with da Bears. Maybe they can help each other by making a few flea flicker plays in camp.

Another Wildcat grad in the QB mix is C.J. Bacher`. It is reported that he was at the Rookie camp last weekend, but no signing reported just yet.

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