NU Sports News Digest for Wednesday 1/8

Are you ready for the <b>Big 10</b>?<br><br> Tonight we find out if the <b>Wildcats</b> are...we've got your NU Roundball Previews, plus news from <b>Hawkeyeland</b> and the Illinois opener... The Daily chips in stories on Tony Stauss, Swimming, and Soccer. <br>All this and <b>NU Tennis</b> too.

And away we go - NU's Big 10 Season starts at 7 PM CST tonight!
Running the show [Chicago Sports]
Northwestern freshman guard T.J. Parker [CNN/SI]
Parker & BC in this article on frosh in the Big 10 [Indy Star]
Your Pregame Intel Report [Purple Reign]
NU ready for Big Ten blast-off [The Daily]

    CBS Sportsline:
Getting Inside
Notes and quotes
Strategy and personnel
To find the best conference, look at the 6th place teams (NU maybe 6) [SI]

Here's the TV List for tonight
Television Clearances Announced For NU-Iowa Game [NU Sports]

Next up are the Iowa Hawkeyes:
Alford emphasizing teamwork [Sun Times]
U I Seeks reversal on road [Hawk Central]
Ending road woes is Hawks' top priority [QC Times]
Big 10
Illini start the Big 10 Season with a win
Cook, Harrington spark Illini [Chicago Sports] Three-mendous [Daily Herald]
Stauss leaves NU to play for N. Dakota St [The Daily].
Big 10
Big Ten Conference Statement In Response To Penn State's Release On Football Officiating [Big 10]
Remember when NU's top sport was Tennis? There's a few folks over by the lake looking to bring those days back...
Northwestern Looks to Compete at Top of Big Ten in 2003 [NU Sports]
Cats utilize nice weather, sacks of flour during holiday trip [The Daily]
Cats' phenom transfers closer to home, takes goals with him [The Daily]
Go Cats Beat 'em All
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