Random Thoughts - 5 IN a Row....

OK Folks, All you who said that Northwestern could never field a winning program - That was 5 consecutive NCAA Women's Lacrosse Titles won Sunday evening...

Do you believe it? 5 in a Row....?
I guess we could check, but I don't think NU had even won 5 consecutive Debate titles, and when I got to Evanston, that was the only sport besides fencing where we'd even been close to finishing #1 in the land. I also remember our computer system also winning a national Chess title once.

Football got there one time, altho there wasn't a game involved - it was back in the 30's I think, Fencing did it once too. Tennis and Golf have been knocking on the door every few years, but Kelly Amonte-Hiller's Young Ladies of Lacrosse have done it for 5 consecutive years, overwhelmingly winning against some of the best teams in the NCAA.

NU's Tewaaraton Award candidate, Hannah Nielsen probably solidified her claim on the award by making 6 assists, several in the first half when the Cats just seemed to pull away from the Tar Heels. Katrina Dowd broke the NCAA Tournament scoring record with 4 today, a junior, her career total is 22 with another year left to play. And NU also broke a team record - 15 goals in the (first) half broke that NCAA record also.

So what's left for the "Cats with Sticks?"

Maryland won 7 in a row - two of them while Coach Amonte-Hiller was playing for the Terapins. You got to figure that barring some really dumb move by the administration, 3 more national title wins has to be on her mind.

Replacing Hannah, and Goalkeeper Morgan Lathrop will be tricky, but after the first NCAA win, NU also had to replace a goalkeeper. That keeper went on to become an assistant coach at NU, and then move to her own program.

Kristin Kjellman was the scoring star on those early teams - Lindsey Munday was the assists leader. Nobody figured the Cats could replace them either.

But they did, and NCAA Lacrosse Championship #5 (consecutive) is in the books.

Congrats to all - All that is left is a 4th Tewaaraton Trophy.... Right?
- da Coach

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