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He addressed team chemistry, who is hurt and who is playing hurt. <p>He also talked about the Freshmen, who is playing and why. Who isn't playing and why. Their strengths and weaknesses. <p>There's a lot here fans...

Here is a player-by-player run down of what NU Head Basketball Coach Bill Carmody had to say at Thursday night's ‘Cats Chat at Wolfgang Puck's in Evanston. The Chats are hosted by WGN's Voice of the Wildcats, Dave Eanet.

Jitim Young

was sitting at the end of the game last night because they had a great run going with the guys on the floor. They only allowed Iowa seven points for the last 9:30 of the game and cut a double-digit lead to two.

Jitim is one of the hardest working players on the team. His minutes are actually up from last season, are the second highest on the team, and he has taken more shots than any other Wildcat this season.

Also, BC mentioned that the chemistry between T.J. and Jitim is very good and definitely better than the chemistry was between Jitim and Collier Drayton last season. He needs and expects Jitim's free-throw percentage to continue to improve.

BC wants to play Mohamed Hachad more,

but Mohamed still needs to learn to take care of the ball better. He had five turnovers in eight minutes against LIU. Conversely, the entire team had only seven turnovers last night against Iowa.

Mohamed is super-athletic and has great court vision. He can do things and see things that no one else on the team can.

He expects that Mohamed will see more and more time and eventually be a star for the Wildcats. He thinks they just might have to let him get out there and screw up a bit for him to understand the importance of limiting turnovers.

T.J. Parker has exceeded all expectations.

They didn't expect him to score as much as he has. Perhaps due to his being an excellent soccer player, he has excellent speed and footwork and he doesn't seem to get tired. He was the only Wildcat to play 40 minutes last night.

He thinks it's possible he'll eventually hit a wall in the middle of conference play as freshmen tend to do. Says he's an excellent team leader for an underclassman, much less a freshman.

Thomas Soltau

made the decision that was best for him. He wants to pursue a basketball career and wasn't seeing much playing time with the ‘Cats. BC suggested possibly transferring to another college in the U.S. in order to get his degree and play more.

Thomas pointed out that college is free in (socialist) Denmark and that he can go to college whenever he wants.

Right now, he has an opportunity to play pro ball for a club team in Denmark and that what he's going to do. Everyone wishes him the best.

Vedran Vukusic

is taking a medical redshirt this season. There was no suggestion that he will not be back. The loss of Vedran has been greater than 20%, or just one starter, because he makes every other player on the floor with him better.

BC thinks the loss of Vedran has hurt every other player on the team individually as well as hurt the team as a whole this season.

Nevertheless, BC hasn't thought about this much since Vedran went down. BC's just playing the cards as they are dealt to him.

Jim Maley

is tough, but simply skinny. He'll get bigger and they need him to get bigger, but Jimmy doesn't want to hear that.

He has a chip on his shoulder (in a good way) about his size and it makes him tougher and more competitive. He needs to regain confidence in his shot. BC thinks coming off the bench will help him more.

Jason Burke

will again start at Purdue. Jason was more comfortable and played better last season and this season coming off the bench. Given the Jimmy situation, however, BC is going to go with Jason in the starting lineup again. Still, his minutes will remain about the same.

Jason needs to play with more confidence, too. He might be too smart for his own good. Last night, he went up for the game winning shot and was afraid it was going to be blocked by Reiner, so he came down with the ball.

If he were a little "dumber," he might have shot it and it might have gone in.

None of us realize how much pain Aaron Jennings plays with.

Aaron only practices half-court and BC doesn't actually know how he gets up and down the court in games. They practiced lay-ups with him for only the third time this season today.

He actually is unable to jump off one leg due to the pain. When he's in there, he can't jump for rebounds much. He's been terrific this season and they need him to be because there is no one to back him up.

Davor Duvancic

is a quick, aggressive player. He's starting to impress the coaches. He's trying things—those things don't always work, but they like that he's trying things and they like the energy that he plays with.

Davor and Aaron will be in the lineup together more. It certainly worked in the Wildcats' comeback last night.

Evan Seacat

is truly one of the best shooters that BC has seen. Said it's amazing. BC said he's definitely better than Brody Boyd, who killed the ‘Cats last night.

Evan just needs to get a little more comfortable and adjust to the level of competition a bit. He's from a town "of about 150 people" in Indiana. He's sees him as a good leader for the future.

Winston Blake

is in a horrible shooting slump. Like Jason, he might be a little too smart for his own good. Needs to gain confidence, keep shooting, and figure his way out of his slump.

BC drew up the play when they were down two last night to get an easy shot under the basket for T.J. (that's been working all season) with Winston as the outlet in case the shot wasn't there for T.J. Designing Winston as the second option was done on purpose to show that they still have confidence in him.

Ivan Tolic

looked like a really good player when they recruited him. They expected him to sub with Aaron about 12 minutes a game.

Unfortunately, he has tendonitis in both knees that they don't know if it'll get any better. They don't expect him to play this season. There was some talk of surgery this season, but they need him as a body in practice because they only have ten guys.

Patrick Towne

wasn't even mentioned. Poor guy.

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