Patience, Patience

No offense, but I don't think we can expect a title contender in [just] two years. I know most of you are not saying that, but many fans on the board seemed pretty disappointed in losing to Purdue.

Some points: - Northwestern has never gone to the NCAA Tournament. That's just hard to ignore. - There was a two-year period very recently where we did not win a Big Ten game. Two years!

Nobody is satisfied with losing, but, quite frankly, Purdue is pretty damn good this year. Their RPI is 27th in the country right now. That places them second in the Big Ten behind Indiana, which has an RPI of 15. Their RPI is ahead of 8th-ranked Illinois (only an RPI of 32) etc. Some pretty good teams there.

And the Cats gave them all they could handle for much of the game. The game got away at the end, but it was close throughout.

The Cats have no depth, no height and need another year of recruiting. I think we all feel Carmody has done a lot with very little so far and we owe him a chance to get another recruiting class together and see this thing through.

We live in an instant gratification world, but I don't think things work out that way in college basketball. You don't just become a Big Ten powerhouse overnight.

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