SjT: Preseason Preview Books

SjT has been catching up on his reading, as all of the football preseason magazines are now flooding the news stands. What he finds are lots of speculation open to discussion. Here's his take on those Preseason Football Sports "books."

Always fun to read the preseason pubs --
not too nuts about the guy TSN used to preview the Big Ten, though (Kinnick as the best stadium, in a league that includes the Big House, Ohio Stadium, Spartan Stadium, Beaver Stadium, Camp Randall and a new gem in Minneapolis???). They also has Wisky and Michigan both headed to the Insight Bowl and us making a bowl in 2007.

As for the schedule, I agree it's a pretty easy one, but that's the name of the game until the BCS gives any reason to do otherwise.

Consider these whopper Non-Conference slates ...
  • - Florida: All four at home, only FSU is a name foe and they're unavoidable. And before you say, "well, they get the SEC" - they skip both Bama and Ole Miss, meaning their only games against likely top 25 teams are Georgia and LSU.
  • - Texas: Louisiana-Monroe, UTEP and UCF visit Austin while the Horns take on Wyoming on the road. With Mizzou falling, their only Top 25 games are Oklahoma, Okie State (a BIG TIME darkhorse this year) and probably Texas Tech or Kansas.
  • - Ole Miss: TSN's upstart pick has a semi-tough opener at Memphis, followed by home dates with SE Louisiana, UAB and Northern Arizona
  • --- Side note here, does ANYONE in the SEC (outside of Georgia, who plays Okie State and Arizona State) ever leave the south for games? Bama starts a home-home with Penn State in the near future, but seriously, these guys never leave home turf for nonconference or bowls and then just keep telling everyone they're the best and we should buy it.
One other weakling, Notre Dame's schedule. With USC being their only top 25 foe (MSU might be a second) and home dates with Nevada, Washington, Boston College, Navy, UConn and a "home" game vs. Washington St. in Texas.

Sadly for fans, the games like USC-OSU this year or OSU-Texas a few years back are dying out as there's just no reason to do it in the B(C)S system. Just play within your league, hype up how good the league is and win and you're in (or in the SEC's case, lose 1 or 2 and you're still in -- gotta love their hype machine!).

One other interesting schedule note - the Pac 10 and Big Least have each moved multiple league games to that first weekend in December and not just 1 or 2 like years past. They both have essentially a full slate to go along with the so-called league championship games that either don't match the league's two best teams or get outdrawn by nearby high school football games.

That means the Big Ten will be done and out of the discussion for two full weeks while the rest of the teams play. Not good for OSU and PSU's chances of making the title game (for their Nov. game winner) or getting interest going for an at-large berth (for the loser).



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