Bill Carmody on the Big 10 Teleconference

The <b>Northwestern University Men's Basketball</b> team is coming off two losses in the first week of the Big 10 Season, and it doesn't get any better for the <b>Wildcats</b> as they face <b>Indiana</b> in Bloomington Wednesday, and <b>Michigan</b> at home Saturday. <p>Looking ahead to the next 2 games, NU Coach <b>Bill Carmody</b> talks <b>Wildcat Basketball</b> with the Big 10 Media and even touches on playing <b>Keadyball</b> at <b>Purdue</b>...

Coach Bill Carmody's Opening statement:
Well, we're 0-2 and we lost a game against Iowa. I didn't think we played that well, I think we played better at Purdue actually - we just weren't able to stop their [Purdue's] best guy, Willie Deane.

And now we go to Indiana and they've got a lot of "best guys," so many weapons offensively that you just don't know where to start..

We had not been shooting the ball well and I think if we're going to be competitive in some of these games down the road that's what we're going to have to do. - That's just about it.
How is the health of the team, I noticed Jitim Young had a lot of ice on his knees, also Aaron Jennings - it seems like he's been a little more timid the last few games - putting the ball up with not as much authority as he is capable of - is that the shin splints or is that something else. [Bryan Handley - Sun Times]
To answer your first question, Jitim - that's a constant. He's been doing that since day one. Soreness in his knees, but that hasn't kept him from anything else so that's pretty normal.

I don't know about Aaron, you know its hard. You talk to our trainers about his shin splints and he has good days and he has bad days. It could be that he played  a lot of minutes, I think he played 37 minutes against Purdue and maybe somewhere in there you just hit that spot and for the rest of the game it just throbs. But I didn't see too much that was different and its been the same all year, to tell you the truth.

Today we'll go to practice and I'll ask him there how is it today, and once he tells me I'll decide how we're going to practice, but I know we're not going to go full court with him , its just how much half court he actually does.
Winning down in Indiana is a daunting task - its been about 35 years since Northwestern's won down there. How can you communicate to your players how significant it would be to pull off such an upset at Indiana? [Fred Mitchell - Chicago Trib]
I think I do remember that from last year, you know we played them pretty well in the first half there last year now that you mention it - so I think that just by stateing the fact in itself its been 35 years - that should motivate guys and let them know that if you can do this it would really be significant - just the statement of the fact in itself.

But you have to do a little more to beat those guys.
I want to know your thoughts when you saw that 5 of your first 7 Big 10 games were on the road, and also how T.J.Parker has been playing. [Jim Bettefore - Detroit Free Press]
Its a brutal schedule, I guess you have to play everyone anyway, but after this we have Michigan at home and after that Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio State - it is just daunting and I guess you have to go to that old coach's cliche "you take one game at a time," you know, prepare for that game and think of it that way - break it up a little bit.

TJ Parker has been playing really well for us for most of the year. He really hasn't had too many bad games, a couple you call "average games." Besides that I would say that out of 13 games, he's played well in probably 10 anyway, so we've been real happy with him in just running the team - the poise he shows out there and that really helps us because we lost our point guard, Collier Drayton last year .

What you're seening across the league is an awfull lot of good freshman guards. Illinois, Michigan, Wednesday Indiana, there just terrific guards, and they're young and they're being productive as freshmen.
I was just interested in what you though of Purdue compared to how they were last year. I know [Gene] Keady mentioned some things about this team listening better than last year. I just wanted your observations on them this year compared to last. [Bob Matthews - Columbus Dispatch]
I think its true, you know he had some Seniors last year and they were hurt and not hurt, they just seem to be listen and do what he wants them to do and they're definitely playing harder and they're more capable of that because they're going small and so you can put more pressure on.

Last year they had a couple of big guys and you could run your stuff a little more easily and now they disrupt you as much as possible. You have some of the same guys but in addition they've got Booker and the return of Lowe its just a quicker team - I don't know if you call them fierce but they play a little bit harder defensively.
[Indiana Coach] Mike Davis was talking and he kept repeating that his team wasn't playing with any "toughness" - here you come in on Wednesday and have you noticed on tape at all that they've slipped a little bit on toughness, and does it concern you that you might be the team they take it out on? [Bryan Handley - Sun Times again]
[Laughs] That always concerns me Bryan, you know I was watching the game, the Ohio State game, you know you watch a number of tapes and I don't know if its toughness - I think its sometimes a question with a lot of teams, like ours particularly, but sometimes they settle for long shots and sometimes they really make a point of pushing the ball inside offensively.

Defensively I think they still play pretty well. On offense sometimes you can think your team isn't quite as tough if they're not being agressive and driving the ball or posting guys up - that might be the only difference I see.
Coach, talking a little bit about T.J. Parker, how do you think the rest of your freshman are reacting to the first week of Big 10 play?
You know, I've only really gotten Jim Maley in there besides TJ. - Jimmy hasn't played particularly well in those two games, but he wasn't playing particularly well before it either, and I'm just waiting for that kid to break out because he's had good practices and he's playing - he's a fundamentally sound guy - those kind of guys are kinda hard to keep down.

He's been missing his shots, but its just a matter of

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