No NU offer...yet

Chicago product George Marshall talked with Purple Reign about his recent visit to Evanston, and the "unofficial offer" he garnered from the Wildcats. See why the three-star point guard feels like an official offer from Northwestern is on the way, and when he is aiming to commit.

He doesn't have an offer. Not just yet.

But George Marshall definitely expects one.

Marshall, a 5-11 point guard, was at Northwestern's team camp earlier this month. All went well for the three-star prospect during his visit to Evanston. He played well, he shot well, his team did well – made it to the quarterfinal. Plus he liked Northwestern, liked the campus.

And then, when assistant coach Tavaras Hardy started talking to him one-on-one about a scholarship, it seemed the feeling was reciprocal – Northwestern liked him too. Only Hardy didn't exactly offer a scholarship. Not officially, anyway.

"Coach Hardy unofficially offered," said Marshall, a member of the 2011 class. "But the head coach, Carmody, hasn't called me yet with an official offer."

So, Marshall expects to get an offer? Officially?

"That's basically what the assistant coach told me. He said it's basically a done deal; he's just waiting for the head coach to call."

Once – or is it still if? – Northwestern calls with that offer, the Wildcats will join Xavier, DePaul, Illinois State and Baylor as teams to have offered – officially – the Brooks Prep star out of Chicago. Purdue, Marquette, Wisconsin and Notre Dame have also shown interest, and Marshall plans to make some visits later this summer.

While already being recruited by Northwestern, Marshall, who plays with the Illinois Warriors AAU squad, feels like he sealed an offer from NU with his play at the team camp.

"I think it did (ensure an offer)," Marshall said. "I know the head coach said they need guards who can knock down open shots, and my jump shot was real consistent at the camp. And I think I played well and showed them that I could score."

Marshall has been impressing elsewhere, too. His circuit with the Warriors took him to the It Takes 5ive tourney in Cincinnati the other week. While his team was bounced earlier than he would have liked, Marshall thinks the performance that he turned in may have garnered him an offer. Or at least some attention.

"I know Wisconsin came on after that," he said. "But I think after the It Takes 5ive, all the other schools that were already interested maintained their interest because I played pretty well."

He won't be playing anywhere for at least a few weeks. A pulled oblique muscle has temporarily sidelined Marshall, putting a question mark on he can return to tourneys and camps.

"It's real frustrating because I was really looking to make to make some noise this July," he said. "Just to come up with an injury as severe as this is really frustrating."

Not to worry; there are already offers.

DePaul and Illinois State – both in-state schools – were the first two to offer Marshall. And recently, his recruiting map has begun to widen. Xavier to the east and Baylor to the (way) south are the most recent offers. And with upcoming camps at Purdue, Notre Dame and Wisconsin, the 175-pounder could nab a few more.

A while ago, Marshall was convinced that he wanted to play ball outside of his hometown area – an area that includes Evanston. But ironically, as the list of options has grown, Marshall may be more apt to stick around.

"Well, at first I really wanted to go away," Marshall said. "But then, when I really looked at things, it really doesn't matter if it's here at home – close or far away.

"Once I started seeing the schools and seeing the atmosphere of the schools, it really changed my mind. Because now I feel like if I were to stay close to Chicago, at the same time I'm still at home, but still I'm at a nice college. At the same time I can stay at home but have the college life too."

While Marshall still has a few more years of high school ahead of him, and while he knows he has visits this summer yet to make, he still has given thought to the idea of committing sooner than later. Like, maybe in the fall. Or sooner.

"I was thinking about committing after I take the visits in August, maybe in September or something," he said. "But I'm not really sure yet."

To be honest, he's not really sure that he is going to get an offer from Northwestern. But from how he understands it, an offer is coming his way.

If so, the question becomes: Is he coming to NU?

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