Random Thoughts on the NFL Playoff Games

When was the last time there was more than one <b>Wildcat</b> in the <b>NFL Playoffs?</b> <p><b>Coach Roy</b> reflects on seeing Alumni from his school(s) in the Pro playoffs.

Many of you know that I attended High School at Carle Place in New York, a school that produced the hero runningback of Superbowl III - Matt Snell.
 I remember sitting in the barracks over in Rota, Spain, listening to the game [along with every other NY Jet fan] on AFRS. There was some celebration that night, especially among the New Yorkers, because our Jets had won, and one of our own had been a big factor in the game.

Well here it comes again - and for the first time that I can recall, NU has 3 players in the NFL who will be involved in the title games.
For the Eagles: LB Barry Gardner [#52]
He doesn't seem to be able to win a starting job at Middle Linebacker for Andy Reid's team, but he's in there enough as a backup.

Just like when he was playing in Evanston, it seems that he makes his share of big plays, even though he's too slow, and too small, etc. etc. He was drafted in the 2nd round by the Eagles.

Its the early game, and the last game in "The Vet," where it will be really cold, and the Buc's haven't won in ages.
For the Raiders: LB Napoleon Harris [#58] and OT Darryl  Ashmore
OK, Darryl has been playing backup lineman in the pros for 10 years, this will be a real shot for him to get a ring, but this 11 year pro has been on injured reserve this year.

He played under Francis Peay at NU. He's the "oldest" NFL Cat active.

Napo [#58] is one of the youngest of the NFL Cats, having graduated last year. A first round draft pick,  He's one of Oakland's starters as a rookie, playing along side a legend - Bill Romanowski on the Raider's Defense.

Romanowski gets most of the press as the Middle Lineback - Napo is playing with quiet efficiency. You'll see him around the ball a lot, especially in the backfield.
So I guess its a "no brainer."
Despite 30+ years of rooting against both da Iggles and the hated Raiders,  I'll have to bow to the NU Connection. Now I have to get past my son, who wants an all "Pirate" Superbowl.
-- da Coach

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