Wolverine Dynamic Duo Just Too Much

Both of NU's Guards came to play today, <br>Winston Blake didn't start, but he looks like he's coming out of his slump, <br>Mohamed Hachad dropped in 5 points at the end of the half, <br>and the Cats were up by 10 at the start of the 2nd half... <p>So what happened?

"We're 0-4 and that's tough"
Even though T.J. Parker and Jitim Young had 20 points each, Michigan's Daniel Horton and LaVell Blanchard were just too much for the Wildcats this afternoon.

The Cats led at the half, 40-32 and stretched it out to 10 points very quickly, but Michigan just kept coming back and outscored the Cats by 15 in the 2nd half on 3 point shooting by Horton [6-12] and good defensive rebounding by Michigan.

They got back into it so quickly. I think at the 10 minute mark we were down by 7, so in 10 minutes they outscored us by 17. We just weren't stopping them. - Bill Carmody after the game on WGN.
The first half was a good one for Northwestern:
In the first half, we didn't miss too many shots, so there weren't that many offensive rebounds for them. And I thought we controlled things pretty nicely and we were getting out a little bit, getting easy hoop...
In the second half the Cats only had one offensive rebound.
In the second half their defense tightened up a little bit, especially during that 10 minutes. We weren't getting the ball inside, anything we got for Aaron we sort of had to choreograph, they were keeping the ball from him, down low they were just doing a good job.
Parker was 3-3 from the arc, but sat out much of the game with 3, then 4 fouls. He still had 20. Jitim Young was 8-12 from the floor and 2-4 from the arc to also have 20. Winston Blake was perfect in shooting in the first half, but didn't take anything in the 2nd as he started to come back from his slump with 9. Aaron Jennings got in early foul trouble, but still hit for 9 points.

Fouls did play a small part in the game, as the Coach wanted Jennings in at the end of the half to stretch the lead, but with 3 fouls, he had to hold him back. Davor Duvancic had to play, and he gave up a couple of turnovers.

Jimmy Maley got the start over Blake, he did pick up 2 free throws, one on a goal tending call, but he's still looking for his touch to return. Jason Burke also got going in the start, scoring 5, but missing 3 - 3 pointers. His scoring came on 3 for 4 free throw shooting and a 1-4 performance from the floor.

What changed the game? Obviously it was first 10 minutes of the 2nd half. And the ability of the Wolverines to sink free throws at the end of the game.

The WGN/5th 3rd Bank Hard Working Player of the Game?

Mohamed Hachad with 5 points at the end of the half and a bunch of steals - looking good for the future. Coach Carmody mentioned his 15 minutes in the post game - it seemed like he was there longer because he was always around the ball.
So now the Cats get a week off.
So if you're coach Bill Carmody and his staff what do you do?
Now we get on an airplane and go recruiting.

Go Cats - Beat 'em All!
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