POD: Some Thoughts on Michigan

What a frustrating game to watch. We had some stretches when we outplayed the hottest team in the Big Ten and we looked like a team that could make it to postseason. Unfortunately, NU had longer stretches when we [still] looked like a work in progress.

Our defense needs to improve dramatically for us to stay with Big Ten teams. I did not realize how much we would miss Collier [Drayton] and Tavaras [Hardy] until I watched Daniel Horton hit two three pointers on the same play at the top of the key.It was frustrating to watch the play develop. I was practically begging Jimmy [Jim Maley] to step out and force Horton off his rhythm.

Yesterday, Northwestern had their typical five minute stretch when they looked like a YMCA pick up team. I don't know why this happens. It seems like we lose focus and try to force things. I would like to see Coach Carmody call a timeout when they start forcing things and set up a good scripted play.

NU plays significantly better when Jitim Young is getting to the hoop. In the first half when he was able to make some really strong drives and covert lay ups it seemed to the loosen up Michigan and allow us to get into a better offensive flow.

Calling Winston Blake. Apparently Winston left at halftime. He had a very good first half. I was very hopeful that he had found his touch after canning two threes. When he got fouled and converted the lay up it looked the NU would have the old Winston back. I was wrong. He disappeared in the second half.

Give credit to Michigan. They stepped up and made the big plays. They played better defense in the second half and converted their opportunities on offense. Northwestern, on the other hand, did not seize their chance when it was their. This is something they need to learn and quickly.

One major positive from today's game was Mohamed Hachad. When he was on the floor we seemed to run things a little quicker and he gave us a very good open floor presence. He still needs to work on finishing. One play accentuates both his positives and negatives.

I believe he took the ball down the floor on the right with two Wolverines closing from either side. I thought it was a sure steal, but he was able to avoid both defenders and pulled up in the lane and missed a short jumper. It was a beautiful open floor move, but he should have taken all the way to the rim. There was no one within three feet of him in the lane and he had his momentum going to the rim. Let's see some of the athleticism. Mohamed is still feeling his way around the floor, but yesterday showed we why he needs to be on the floor a lot more.

Just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.

-- Seth

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