Michigan game about Winston's play and his Wildcat Team 4 games into the Big 10 Season."> Michigan game about Winston's play and his Wildcat Team 4 games into the Big 10 Season.">

Bill Carmody on the Teleconference

Here's the transcript of the NU Coach's teleconference with the media from Monday. He talks about practice, how physical is the Big 10 this year, free throws, and keeping up morale on the team.<br> There's also some comments from the end of the <font color="#000099"><b>Michigan </b></font>game about Winston's play and his <font color="#663366"><b>Wildcat </b></font>Team 4 games into the Big 10 Season.

Its time for the weekly Chat between Coach Bill Carmody and the Media
First Coach Carmody's Opening Statement
We're off Wednesday and it comes at a good time because we're not playing that well for one, and the flu bug is going through the team. I actually had it pretty good this weekend and a couple of my players, Jason Burke and Davor Duvancic haven't been feeling too well so we need a few days to just...we have only 10 scholarship guys right now so a few days of rest will probably help us.

We played decently in the first half against Michigan this past Saturday and then my guard T.J. Parker got his fourth foul early in the 2nd half and we sort of stagnated on offense, and to Michigan's credit, they hung in there on the road played hard and we able to beat us pretty soundly in the second half. So we'll take a couple of days now, and then get ready for a stretch of away games starting in Minnesota.
What about the physical play in the Big 10 this year?  [Ann Arbor News]
I think its a lot more physical this year than it has been. Normally we like a slower pace, but sometimes at home you like to get up and down the court a little more. In the first half, I thought it was to our advantage to run up and down. In the second half there just didn't seem to be any flow at all there were so many fouls called, and so many not called actually.

There was just a lot of knocking and backing - I don't think that helped us at all.

I don't have a great overview of the entire league, I know just in our games, and its tough to tell on tape, it just seems its rougher, and I never thought that [and its my third year here], they always said the Big 10 was a very physical, strong league and I  didn't see that it was much different from other conferences, but this year, and I don't know why, but it seems like that stereotypical Big 10 play.
And Daniel Horton?
He's a very, very good player and he's very calm out there and looking at his stats and the way he played early in the year, he's playing ... shooting the ball, you know how shooting solves a lot of problems? The guy made 6 3's against us, he made 7 hoops, 6 3's and he just seemed very relaxed, very much in charge and the one that he did make was a big basket coming off a high screen late in the game and that was real important .

He's just a good player, I think Blanchard is still the guy on that team... but they wouldn't be going anywhere without the play of that kid.
How much of Free Throw shooting is a mental mindset, and are clubs around the league putting more emphasis on that right now? [Jeff Washburn - Lafayette Journal-Courier]
Parker is a very good foul shooter, but he doesn't go to the line that much. The same thing happened last year with Jitim Young and Tavares Hardy, those are the guys who got to the line and I think Tavares went 49%, something like that, and Jitim against Michigan the other day had a very nice game, but he was 2 for 8 from the foul line, I think at least the front end of a one and one, so [there were] some missed opportunities there.

I don't know what other coaches are doing to work on the foul shooting, but I know its so important and [if you're] having a hard time scoring and it just keeps you in games, like a drought buster if your offense isn't going so well. We work on it but I don't think anyone knows if its mental or physical, what the deal is.

Jitim Young
makes fouls in practice, in games he struggles, so I guess there's a lot of mental stuff to it.
Where does the Big 10 Stack up against the other conferences? [Bob  - Champaign News Gazette]
I think its hard to tell, It seems like everyone is knocking everyone off in other conferences and I think it takes a little longer. And usually the good conferences where one stands out  like Duke has for a long time and if they're standing out in the conference where you have a couple of real high profile teams, it think it takes a little bit longer.

We still have a couple of months left in the season, and maybe in about 3 weeks you'll start to see how it pans out a little bit, but right now you've got the usual suspects, I mean the Big 10, East, Pac 10, ... Big 12, Big East, [you have to] just wait and see how it plays out a little bit on the road, that's how you find out, how the teams separate themselves, the big guys actually win most of their games on the road.
The Big 10 has a rare chance to pull of a double this year. What do you think that would mean to the league?
That would be fantastic. Ohio State, a lot of coaches were saying in Football that there was parity and the Big 10 was just OK this year and nothing special. What actually happened was they go win, and I think the same thing could happen here in basketball, we keep knocking each other off and all of a sudden some team could explode.

It would be a great season, I hope it happens.
How do you keep yourself from Beating your team up mentally and keeping themselves from beating themselves up mentally?  [Mike - ABC Sports]
Its hard [laughs] Its hard, 'cause when you watch the tape.

We always talk about things you can take care of  you have to take care of and missed opportunities offensively and defensively there are certain assignments who to cover and things that you work out and if you do all the things that you've worked on and you still come out on the short end that's one thing.

Offensively, if you're running your offense, the balls moving and the guys are moving and you still don't win, you say, "OK , we'll keep working and we'll get better at it"

But what we see on tape there's so much room for improvement, things that we can really take care of that don't have that much to do with talent or size or speed or athleticism or anything. Its just good basketball play  that we're capable of making so we just have to keep working at it so things that we can coach and handle so we can take care of those things.
Hear are a few post game comments from the Michigan game:

On Winston Blake's Play:

He made both 3's the took, its a start, he's coming around. We're just getting too much from our backcourt and not enough up front.

He's playing with a little emotion, its just tough when you let it get away from you because you played pretty well in the first half, start the second half OK, give them credit for their defense, those 10 minutes, we just weren't getting the shots we were getting in the first half.

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