NU Admits Athletes took Stimulants...

There's a big problem in some sports... We want our athletes to be bigger, stronger and faster. <p>But if you're already an over achiever pushing for greater heights, what do you do? <p>Apparently Rashidi and a whole group of others tried to get an edge...

So NU admits the football team took NCAA banned stimulants prior to the 2001 Conditioning Test where Safety Rashidi Wheeler died in what appeared to be an asthma attack .
Whether Northwestern should be held responsible for every and all actions of its students, particularly the football team, is at the core of this entire issue.

I can tell you this.

Athletes will do almost anything to enhance their performance. The use of stimulants and other body building "enhancers" is so wide spread, we have a weight lifter here on Delmarva who advertises that he's the Worlds Strongest Natural Man!

I can also tell you that back in 1998, when David attended the NU Football Camp, he was in a quandry about taking Creatine - something that was not [and still is not] illegal, but the subject of much talk. A 5-11/200 lbs lineman, he thought he needed some help to "bulk up."

He was so disuaded by the presentation of the Wildcat's training staff he stopped taking the stuff.

The list of those who supposedly used the illegal stimulants reads like the list of players you'd use as examples to show recruits to explain how NU takes good kids and gets them to overachieve on the football field. Its a shame that young men (and women) feel they have to enhance their natural performance by using drugs [or worse], but its a fact of life in America today..

You only have to look at the list of NFL linemen who died in their 40's and 50's and you'd think twice about taking anything to help you get bigger, stronger, faster.

All an institution like NU can do is discourage the use of this stuff, and try to intervene when its usage is known. But in an era when we stress the "right" and "freedom" of college students to do what they will, how does the college exercise control without becoming a police state?

One of the basic American freedoms used to be the freedom to do stupid things as long as it didn't affect others. Its a shame that this American ideal of personal responsibility is being trampled by people hell bent in search of public revenge.
-- da Coach

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