Another Case of "Perfect Timing"

"The Coach" thinks that revelation in court that cans of an ephedrine containing substance was found in the NU Locker Room is casting an erroneous shadow over recruiting, and the football program...

They Couldn't have timed it better
Lets see, right about two weeks before signing day, NU's legal team reveals that back in 2001, an NCAA banned substance was found in the NU Football Locker room in three player's lockers.

The stories aren't clear who found the substance or why it took so long for the information to get out but if timing is everything, why does this come out now?

Immediately, everyone who is hostile to NU in this matter [the usual suspects] are whipping this up into a Watergate sized scandal, and you can be sure that every kid who has committed to NU is hearing from other school's raising the specter of NCAA sanctions or worse.

Personally, I can attest to the NU Football program's unconditional discouragement on the use of virtually any chemical stimulants or otherwise quasi legal substances used by athletes to help get bigger or faster. However, I could see how a product that supposedly gave you more energy would be attractive to young athletes and could be overlooked by those involved in the football program.

Many people take protein shakes and other supposedly "natural" nutrition enhancing drinks. From Slim Fast to the old Herbalife, you can walk into the local Walmart and pick up any number of these products.

The guys in the football program at NU back in the summer of 2001 thought they had found something that would help them achieve their goals of getting stronger and faster and it probably gave them a lift. I doubt anyone, including the NU trainers, read the labels on the cans first.

In any case, the presence of this stuff should have been on an inventory of things removed from the locker room back in 2001. Why this information "suddenly" appeared yesterday makes no sense to me.

-- da Coach

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