SjT: Pigskin Picks for Sept 12 Weekend

Every so often, SjT makes references to "his picks" for College Games. If you've ever wondered whazzat - here are his weekly picks for key Big 10 and College games this weekend.

MY PICKS For 9/10-9/12
* ILLINOIS 42, Illinois State 17 – After a pathetic showing last week, the Illini better roll here or their season could be over before it begins.

* WESTERN MICHIGAN 20, Indiana 16 – Neither team looked good last week and the Hoosiers are at home, but I'm smelling upset.

* IOWA 24, Iowa State 16
– Another narrow escape for the overrated bumblebees.

* MICHIGAN 38, Notre Dame 31
– Tough call here as both teams looked slightly better than expected against opening-round creampuffs … the folks in Provo, Boise and Fort Worth are praying for a Michigan victory so a 10-2 overrated Irish squad doesn't backdoor into the B(C)S, and I think RichRod's crew may just be good enough to answer those prayers.

* MICHIGAN STATE 37, Central Michigan 17
– Could be a close one at the half, but Sparty kicks it in gear for the second half in their Irish tune-up.

* MINNESOTA 28, Air Force 14 – After looking sloppy last week, the Gophers come out on fire and get a convincing victory to open their sparkling new stadium.

* OHIO STATE 33, Southern Cal 30 – I feel like Charlie Brown getting ready to kick the football again and Pete Carroll is that blasted Lucy … still, here I go. I see a high-scoring, mistake-filled game and I'll go with the experienced quarterback at home over the freshman on the road. If SC is ever going to lose, this is the year and sooner or later the OSU coaches have to let Pryor be Pryor and unleash him, right?

* PENN STATE 45, Syracuse 7
– All those good feelings from last week disappear in a hurry for the ‘Cuse in Happy Valley.

* OREGON 26, Purdue 20
– The very stoppable force of Oregon's limp offense meets the extremely moveable object of Purdue's pushover defense. Flip a coin … and go with the Quacks at home.

* WISCONSIN 28, Fresno State 23 – Bucky almost got burned last week after letting up and if this one were at Fresno, I'd like the upset … but not at Camp Randall.

* GEORGIA TECH 31, Clemson 21
– Honestly, I could just throw darts at the ACC board this year and have just as much good luck.

* TENNESSEE 23, Ucla 10 – The Vols get revenge for last year at home.

* GEORGIA 24, South Carolina 7
– The Dawgs bounce back at home.

* NORTH CAROLINA 37, UConn 21 – Wish this were a basketball game, but we're low on good national games so an ACC-BigLeast game is it.

* TCU 41, Virginia 14 – After losing to a FCS foe last week, the Cavs get waxed by the Frogs … let's give the Big Least and ACC berths in the B(C)S to the Mountain West and WAC already (and that way we keep them out of OUR Rose Bowl!)
And off the board …
* NORTHWESTERN 38, Eastern Michigan 17 – Like the way the offense looked last week – it's not an early route this week, but NU pulls away late to get another win.
- SjT

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