RandomThoughts:So What Did we Learn Saturday?

daCoach didn't watch all of the games the weekend, but he saw enough, especially during the NU game, to make a few "random observations" on this year's crop of Wildcats, and other some teams too...

Random Thoughts on Last Weekend:
1. Don't pass when you can run #1 - I really thought my "other" team, Navy had dOSU on the ropes. All they needed was 3 yards, something the Navy Offense is capable of easily making 3 ways on the ground. The QB even had a clear 3 yard wide lane (that's how big it looked to me) into the end zone, but he threw the ball right into coverage.

2. Don't pass when you can run #2 - Dan Persa is the real deal, but he also threw into coverage when he could have scampered for 3 or 4 yards. I guess its hard not to throw when you have that clear lane, but what QB's eventually learn is that a clear lane is caused by someone out in coverage and they're never far away from a pick.

3. Mike Kafka has turned into a real spread QB - Towson didn't turn loose all of their blitz packages, but the ones they used after the 1st quarter showed me that Kafka is the real deal. Its too bad NU closes practices. Fitz and Co. saw this capability two years ago, but stayed with C.J. Bacher`. Most folks saw C.J. as the man, but if Kafka had really come on two years ago...?

4. Dan Persa is good enough to challenge - but he's also a team player who knows he is going to get live game reps in certain situations. Letting him run the offense on a couple of scoring drives was genius, especially when running was going to be the preferred set of plays.

5. Yeah, we miss Tyrell Sutton (and Omar too) - but the stable of RB's we're using by committee racked up a lot of yards, with Concannon leading the pack. They talk about 3rd down backs - the Cats seem ot have a first down, second and short, second and long, third down, third and long back and you almost wish Fields had taken a redshirt for the future.

6. Receivers still don't finish their routes - I saw more than one overthrow, and not just in our game, where the receiver turned around and had the ball sail over his head. It happened in last night's FSU-Miami game too. That is one of the things that usually gets better between the first and second week of play.

7. How good would we have been last year with Brewer at 100%? - Andrew Brewer seems to be both a posession and long threat at WR. Those who were watching TV missed when he came back for the first down, but knowing when your QB is in trouble is the mark of a really good wideout. And he's been seen going over the middle too.

8. Kafka and Persa both show they can give the ball away - I always preached to my QBs that even if they can run and win a game by themselves, they'll never be truly great until they learn how and when to give the ball to someone else. Both guys ran when they had to, (or were supossed to) but got the ball to 5 receivers, and all those running backs.

9 and Finally - Who was the guy at Duke Football who passed on Paulus? It was only one game, but that upset "scare" was against a Big 10 Team! The real test will be Saturday against State Penn, but the former Duke PG is one of those guys who knows how to give the ball away right (see #8 above).
Now next weekend's game is against another "spread" team, even though the architect of that team at Eastern Michigan - Jeff Genyk - isn't there any more. Both teams' D practices against the spread and both team's are used to the crazy sets.

You can't be sure how many blitz packages Hank and Fitz will have going, but if its close, watch for more agressive coverage by our guys.

After all, this is the only Michigan team we face at home this year.

da Coach

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