Minnesota 74 - Northwestern 57

<i>You know its bad when you see the older guys making the same mistakes, you just wonder does any of your teaching matter, its not a good feeling. </i>[<b>NU Coach Bill Carmody</b>] <br><br><b>Mohamed Hachad</b> again provided some excitement, but the Gophers were just too much tonight...

Aaron Jennings had 16 points, but also had 9 shots blocked as the Cats lost to Minnesota 74-57. The Cats made another Mohamed Hachad inspired run to close within 5 close to the half, but shot an anemic 19-52 [.365] overall from the field, and 3-19 from the arc.

After the game, NU Coach Bill Carmody sumarized the game on WGN:
[They] had wide open looks and knocked them down...and they got so many offensive rebounds, and we just weren't able to keep them off the backboards.

They were playing zone and there were so many openings but we just couldn't know them down so it didn't matter that much - it was just rough.

What about the turnovers?
You work against the press, and the same guys making the same mistakes, trying to dribble through, reminds me of North Carolina State.

When we didn't to that, and just passed it up, we got the ball up the court. A couple of times early our guards Jitim and TJ tried to dribble through it and it only gets you into trouble.

The other thing that was so obvious in the first five minutes - we told Aaron, you just don't take turn around jump shots on these guys because that's all they do is block shots and it seemed like they blocked every one of his shots.

Mohamed Hachad? Its hard to keep him on the bench?
I don't think he'll be coming in too much longer. He's got to get in there - he steals balls, makes rebounds, he can't make a foul shot but he's part of this team so he's shooting about 30% from the foul line. He certainly gives you some life and some presence out there.
What about Winston Blake?
I don't know - certainly Mohamed deserves some time, we're 0-5, you can't make open shots, the kid makes open shots, why isn't he playing more, that's a question I have to ask myself. We'll talk about that [later.]
Jason Burke [2-9] , Mohamed Hachad [3-5] and Evan Seacat [all 3 - 3 pointers]  each had 9 for the Cats. T.J. parker [4-7] had 8 in the losing cause. Jitim Young was 1-7 from the floor, and Jim Maley only sank 2 free throws. Winston Blake again was shut out.

Aaron Jennings was named WGN's 3rd Fifth Bank Hard Working Player of the Game.

Four Gophers were in double figures - Maurice Hargow [19 pts], Kevin Burleson [16], Rick Rickert [11] and Jerry Holman [10].

Next up is Wisconsin in Madison - Wednesday at 7 PM.

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