Why NU Fans Have to Choose Oakland

This hasn't happened for a while - there's a NU Wildcat playing an important role in Pro Football's biggest game. <p>But there's a lot more to picking which team to back during tonight's Super Bowl.

On the surface, picking a team to cheer for in tonight's Super Bowl should be easy, right?
The Oakland Raiders defense features one of NU's recent football stars, Napoleon Harris, at middle linebacker.  Napo has been the kind of alumnus NU fans have craved - he's smart, well spoken and is saying all the right things.

But there's a darker reason for choosing the Raiders, and it goes back to the last Rose Bowl.
The presence of wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson -

Forget that Joe Jurevicious made NU Alum Barry Gardner look bad during the NFC playoff game - good old "meshawn" Johnson was the guy who almost single-handedly won the Rose Bowl away from the Cats. His post catch antics made him as popular with the Wildcat Faithful as those 1970's Notre Dame teams, or Cooper's Buckeyes.

When suggestions that he might not have been eligible for the game, caused more than one fan to cry foul on the NU message boards.

Then there are the assorted thugs that make up the Tampa Bay defense, and you step back and wonder how you could ever root for the Bucaneers.

Of course if you're an old Jet fan, and remember the Heidi game, and all those years the Jets couldn't get past the Raiders and some of the old Raider antics on and off the field you have to have second doubts...

But like it or not, Silver and Black is awfully close to our Purple and White. The Bucs, by the way, wear Red. Add Napo and its a no brainer.

[Bite my tongue] Go Raiders!

-- da Coach

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