Cobb commits to Cats

On Sunday, Jershon Cobb became Northwestern's first commit of the 2010 class. The 6-4 shooting guard from Decatur, Ga., told Scout that he thinks he'll have an immediate impact with the Wildcats. And with NU targeting a handful of Georgians for the 2011 class, Purple Reign wonders if this might open up a channel to the Peach State.

Jershon Cobb, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard, became the first member of Northwestern's 2010 recruiting class when he committed to the Wildcats on Sunday.

Cobb, who hails from Decatur (Ga.) Columbia, told Scout that he was also considering Boston College, Cincinnati, Bradley, Auburn and several others.

The three-star recruit – ranked by Scout as the No. 50 shooting guard in the land – will help the Wildcats right away. Or at least he thinks so.

"The opportunity that I would have there stood out," Cobb told's Evan Daniels. "It's in the Big Ten. I got to play with the guys and I think I can help them right away....

"I think it was the opportunity to come in right away and impact, plus it was the education."

Per NCAA rules, coaches cannot discuss recruits before they get to college. However, there is no such rule forbidding players from discussing coaches.

And Cobb was quick to point out that NU assistant Tavaras Hardy was integral in his recruitment.

"We got to know each other real well," he said. "I just felt like I could trust him."

If you're an optimist, Cobb's commitment could make you giddy. The Cats have players from around the country – like Kevin Coble (Arizona) and Davide Curletti (Michigan) – and even from around the world – like Ivan Peljusic (Croatia) and Kyle Rowley (Trinidad) – to go with their bevy of Illinois talent.

But Cobb will be the only player on next season's roster from the South – capital S – and the first in years to come from below the Mason Dixon line. So Northwestern's recruiting map is expanding.

What's more, NU is targeting, a handful of other players from Georgia for the 2011 class. So this could, theoretically, be an in-state connection with future prospects.

Four-star Georgia products Julian Royal, Shannon Scott, and Dai-Jon Parker were all on campus this summer, as was their two-star Georgia Kings teammate Henry Brooks.

Those four are much ballyhooed, and between them, schools like UCLA, Texas, Florida, Georgia Tech and many, many more on the hunt. So they're far from a shoe-in.

But maybe with Cobb on board, these other Peach State products will join the Northwestern tree.

May sound like a bit of day-dreaming, but there is precedent for this. Take a peek at the 2003 roster. Looks a bit like this year's: players from Illinois, from Croatia, from Canada – old hat for coach Bill Carmody.

But there are three outliers in terms of location: Patrick Towne, Winston Blake and Jason Burke. Each came from Plano, Tex. Sometimes, it seems, players travel in packs.

Now, does Cobb's signing mean that there will definitely be an exodus from Georgia to Evanston? Of course not. But history suggests that there might be a better chance of snagging Georgia prospects now that the first one is on board.

Don't count it out.

Regardless, you can go ahead and count Cobb in.

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