O-Line Commitment - Fred McConnell

Southfield, Michigan's Fred McConnell talks about his Northwestern verbal commitment, his favorite professional football player and what he wants to accomplish as a true freshman.

Why did you pick Northwestern University?

"Great academics and the opportunity to play in the Big Ten."

Which position will you play at Northwestern?


Who was recruiting you from Northwestern?

"Jeff Genyk. The running backs coach."

What do you hope to accomplish as a true freshman?

"I'd like to contribute early, if I'm not a starter, I hope to get some playing time."

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

"My mother (Debra McConnell) because she's a very dedicated person and she pushed me to get me where I'm at today."

What was your most memorable high school football moment?

"My junior year, I faced off with Gabe Watson (Michigan) and I held my own."

Who is your favorite college or professional football player?

"Larry Allen. He's an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and he's just a beast. He runs over everything in his path."

What did you like the most about the recruiting process?

"I really liked the official visits. Meeting the coaches and the players was very cool."

What did you like the least about the recruiting process?

"The phone calls."

What advice would you give an underclassman that will be going through the recruiting process in the future?

"Understand that this is a business. Do your homework on every school. Find the best fit and go into the process with an open mind. Don't close any doors.

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