New Lineup - Still a Loss

<b>Bill Carmody</b> rolled out a new starting lineup, but the result was the same as the <b>Wisconsin Badgers</b> continued their home court domination of the <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b> Wednesday evening. <p>Neither team shot for a high percentage, but Wisconsin out rebounded the Cats 42-21 and put up enough second shots to win easily.

Mohamed Hachad got his first start as a Wildcat, but Wisconsin is almost unbeatable at home, and tonight was the same as it always seems at Kohl - Wisconsin won 69-50. The Cats started Hachad and T.J. Parker at Guard, Aaron Jennings at Center and Jason Burke and Jitim Young at Forward.
The big story for the Wildcats tonight, however, was Jitim Young, who started at forward for Coach Bill Carmody;
It seemed like he was the only guy who got into the offense at all. He was agressive, got some offensive rebounds,
But as the game went on, it seemed that the problem was on defense...
Again its our defense, I think. I keep thinking about the offense, but it seemed like they made every shot they took in the first half, and that's not an anomoly because 4 teams shot over 50%, I'm sure they did tonight.

We just have a lot of work to do at both ends.

Young was playing at forward because of the first start tonight for Freshman Guard Mohamed Hachad. Hachad had a tough game, probably because of "first start jitters,"
...some of his passes, and he wasn't catching the ball right, and some of his passes exactly and he forgot to do a couple of things - you know just assignments on offense so we got him out of there.

We put him back in, but it just didn't seem he was on top of his game.

It is hard to win when you're out shot and out rebounded.
I think they missed 16 shots in the first half, which is a lot of shots to miss, but they got 12 offensive rebounds. It seemed like Aaron [Jennings] wasn't moving at all in the first half.

In the Second Half we saw him go up there and get 3 or 4 two handed rebounds, he just can't move from one block to the other block.

And the Cats didn't get a lot of Free Throws tonight:
That's indicative of not going to the basket or not posting up well. We tried in the second half to throw the ball down to Aaron and two out of 3 times we turned it over -

Its a good team, and its especially good here and right now we're certainly not a good team.

Jitim Young led the Wildcats with 17 points and 4 rebounds. Aaron Jennings chipped in 13 points and 5 boards.

T.J. Parker scored 5 on 2 FGs and a 3 pointer, Winston Blake shot 1-5 with 2 free throws for 4, Jason Burke also had 4 points on 2 Field Goals.

Evan Seacat had a 3 early.

WGN's 5th Third Bank Hard working Player of the Game was Jitim Young.

Wisconsin out rebounded the Wildcats 42 to 21. The Badgers shot 46.3% from the floor, and 38.5% from the arc. The Cats shot 38.3% from the floor and 18.2% from the arc.

Next up is Ohio State in Columbus, Saturday at 11 AM CST, then its back home for a Football Signing Day contest with Indiana at Welsh-Ryan.
Go Cats - Beat 'em All!
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