Just what we needed...

The little guy with the cloud over his head seems to be following the Wildcats around the Big 10 this year. <p>All The Coach can think is "this is all we need right now..."

Just What We Need - Part I
The headline in the Indianapolis Star says it all; IU Goes Flat with starters.

The basic thrust of the story is that when Indiana had its subs in the game, they were beating Louisville. When the starters, the big guns of the Hoosier team were in, Louisville pulled out the win.

I screwed up because I should have started the second half with the five that left the floor, Indiana Coach Mike Davis said. [quoted in the Star] "Because the five that left the floor at halftime were getting every loose ball.

"In the second half we went back with our starters and they were flat.
The last time Davis talked like that was right before the Hoosiers home game with the Wildcats. Indiana's starters came up big, and the Cats lost again in Indiana.
Just What We Need - Part II
''It's probably the worst I've ever had, I really dislocated it bad,'' said Jitim Young, [in the Sun Times] who has had two other dislocated fingers during his college career. ''But it really hurts not being out on the court and watching my team without me out there. That's the most painful of it all, not the finger.''

Its possible he may need surgery which would end his season - the full details won't be available until later Sunday.

Jitim has been NU's most consistant player, and is even playing forward as Bill Carmody tinkers with his lineup to get Mohamed Hachad some minutes earlier in games.

The somewhat good news is that Winston Blake looks like he's finally starting to get the range from beyond the arc and is starting to score again. The bad news is that Jitim Young has been NU's spark-plug for the last 3 years, especially when he's out on the floor.
In any case my worse possible scenerio for Wednesday's game would be a bunch of angry, remotivated Hoosiers playing against a Jitim-less Wildcat team.

-- da Coach

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