SjT; View From 2: jNWU? Just Who?

More word trickles out of CornLand about how the Hawkeye's approached the game with our Wildcats today. SjT has a further reaction to all this stuff....

I absolutely LOVE that they have a "jNWU" nickname for us - shows that this is our true rival!
Also fun - during the OSU/PSU game, the announcers were trying to come up with PSU's biggest win of the year and they decided it was last week at Northwestern.

I'm sure Iowa will be full of excuses - boo frickin' hoo. As for what's better, beating the OSUs and Michigans is always huge and magical ... but rivalries just have more power to me. Some of the sweetest victories in recent history have been Iowa victories ...
* 1995: ESPN GameDay and a snowstorm come to Evanston to see if the Cats are just "feeling their oats," but Hudaifa's late turnover TD seals the deal in a 31-21 win.

* 1996: After getting our Big Ten win streak broken at PSU, the Cats travel across the league and absolutely thump a good Iowa team on ABC in front of a stunned Kinnick crowd.

* 2005: In what would turn out to be Randy Walker's final victory at NU, the Hawks dominate a drizzly day in Evanston until the last couple minutes, when Baz strikes, we get a perfect onside kick and Ross Lane catches the winning TD.

* 2008: #4 Iowa falls to Northwestern. Sweet corn!
The only other series with so many memorable moments in my mind from recent years is our other real rival, Wisconsin. The late stand for the '95 shutout, the Dayne fummmmmmble and Bates in '96, the wild OT shootout in '00, Terrell Sutton's big day a couple years later. Illinois has some sweet wins, too.

Regardless, JUST Northwestern JUST ended Iowa's perfect season. JUST sweet!

AND - Crunching the numbers, it seems unlikely the Big Ten will get more than seven bowl teams now (the MSU/Purdue game next week is probably an elimination game and Michigan/Illinois/Indiana have to win out), so we're going bowling for sure. But a win next week would make it certain - and probably guarantee a repeat trip to San Antonio unless Minny or MSU can pull an upset to escape the 6-6 quagmire.

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