Timing - Timing

Its Letter of Intent signing day - so why are we reading stories about a 2 year old lawsuit?

Timing - Timing
Is sombody coordinating this stuff?

The two top headlines in the Tribune this morning:
  • Wheeler's Mom: Coaches Must Go
  • Irish, Illini Sitting Pretty
If I was the recruiting coordinator at some school coming down to the wire in competition for an NU Soft Commit, I'd be on the fax, sending a copy of these two stories.

On Signing day, go ahead, make the suggestion that if you sign with NU, the coaches, all the coaches who recruited you are about to fired over somthing that happened 2 years ago and it won't matter because in Chicago, the top 2 teams are always going to be the Illini and the Irish.

Maybe its just coincidence, but it just seems like the Rashidi Wheeler lawsuit has suddenly returned to the media cycle and the revelations, such as they are,  seem to be blown all out of proportion.

Lindsay Wilhite of the Daily Herald asked recruiting guru Tom Lemming about the effect of all this on NU recruiting local talent. Lemming doesn't think it mattered - neither has Chris Pool when I've asked him.

But doesn't it seem odd that in a year where this story just keeps popping up again and again that NU didn't get one recruiting prospect from Illinois?
-- da Coach

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