SjT: View From the Couch..Thanking the D

NU holds on to beat Illinois 21-16. Nice to win a close one again after a lot of earlier ones this year went against us ... still, we should have had this game put away by halftime. HIRE A SPECIAL TEAMS COACH ASAP!!! We obviously need that waaaay more than a superbacks coach


But at the end of the day, we've beaten the Illini, gotten to seven wins and are heading into our third straight rivalry game next week on a roll and with a lot to play for.
What does it mean for the bowl picture? We'll know a bit more in the evening report. A close loss by Iowa could mean a second B(C)S bid (especially since the Gophers couldn't beat a team of bacon bits for Floyd of Rosedale next week) ... but a crushing defeat could mean just one B(C)S team since neither Penn State or Wisconsin have many quality wins behind those possible 10-2 marks and Iowa would be folding.
First though, around the league ...
As for the bowl picture ...
It's pretty clear now who's in and out ...

IN (with a projected bowl at this point)
- Ohio State (Rose vs. Oregon - unless Iowa pulls off a miracle)
- Wisconsin (Citrus vs. LSU - if they beat us, they're the hot team)
- Penn State (Outback vs. Tennessee - a bigger draw than Iowa)
- Iowa (Champs vs. Virginia Tech - heckuva mid-season game - great Ds)
- Michigan State (Alamo vs. Nebraska - could be a great D game also)*
- Northwestern (Insight vs. Texas Tech - we get bumped, but it's to AZ! I'd prefer a purple power game with K-State, but yaa for Phoenix!)
- Minnesota (Motor City vs. Central Michigan - lucky to scrape in)
* - If you can take a 6-6 team over a 7-5 team in-league, then Sparty bumps us win or lose next week based on a repeat visit to the Alamo and their name over ours
- Michigan (Must beat the Buckeyes - Motor City folks hoping so)
- Purdue
- Indiana
- Ill-noise
But we'll know a bit more tonight based on the games in Columbus and Fort Wuth. For now, always good to beat the Ill-whine-I (who have to be behind only Purdue and IU in silly hand gestures from fans) and get the Sweet Land of Sioux Lincoln tomahawk/stovepipe hat.

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