SjT: B(c)S Bowling in Mid November

Heck of a day in Big Ten land and across the nation. A fantastic game in Columbus, a beautiful beatdown of SC and, of course, a Wildcat Win over the hated Illini.

The nightcap wasn't quite the shootout I expected,
but the Irish made it a decent game at the end. The Wannstache is still overrated, but it should be a great game with Pitt and Cincy in a few weeks. As for ND, I wouldn't be feeling very good if I were Charlie Weis right now and the team that just hung 100 points on Oregon and SC was left on my schedule.

College football is a fantastic game and thrilling every week - don't fall for the line that it is this way BECAUSE of the B(C)S ... it was this way before the B(C)S and will be this way after the B(C)S - college football is this way IN SPITE of the B(C)S.

The college football season is like having the greatest effin' rock concert around, and then bringing in some lizard lounge band as the closing act. Yeah, it's a bummer of an ending, but it doesn't diminish the fantastic year. So enjoy these weekends while they last, my friends, because I think I hear Milli Vanilli warming up backstage.
Speaking of the B(C)S, the latest bowl outlook ...
TITLE: Florida vs. Texas
- It's all but assured at this point unless Bama surprises the Gators

ROSE: Ohio State vs. Oregon
- Should be a great battle of offense vs. defense in Pasadena

FIESTA: Iowa vs. Boise State
- The Hawkeyes come west to fill seats while Cinderella awaits

SUGAR: Alabama vs. Cincinnati
- Will the Tide show up this year or let another spread kill 'em?

ORANGE: Georgia Tech vs. TCU
- Two well-coached teams, too bad nobody will be there to see it

CITRUS: Wisconsin vs. LSU
- Bucky is surging, the Lions are limping so they get Orlando

: Penn State vs. Tennessee
- JoePa gets another chance to beat up on the SEC in a bowl

CHAMPS: Michigan State vs. Virginia Tech
- Sparty jumps us, but gets matched up with angry Hokies - ouch!

ALAMO: Northwestern vs. Oklahoma State
- If OU beats Okie State at Bedlam, the Sooner and Husker following means the Cowpokes slip here, which could be bad news for us

INSIGHT: Minnesota vs. Missouri
- Though I'm hoping the Insight and Alamo work out a deal to avoid repeat visits by Minny and NU so we get to head to Phoenix -- and get a better matchup than the Sooners/Huskers/Cowpokes in the Alamo ... or playing BeamerBall with our special team woes.
Still a ways to go, but always fun to speculate with us in the picture now. Beating Wisconsin would sure help next week, because I have a feeling that Sparty might pull off the upset next week (if Michigan had half a defense or Minny half an offense, I might like them as well).


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