SjT: View From the Desert - The Cats Win

NU wins out to finish 8-4 and tie for 4th in the Big 10 Standings. Steve looks ahead to where our Cats go Bowling..

Great day of football ... who needs these silly league title games
when you have games like Iowa/OSU last week and Oregon/Arizona this week (and Oregon/OSU later)?! Heck, most of the time the two best teams aren't even in these league "championship" games and in the ACC's case, a good high school football game outdraws 'em in the state of Florida!

I dunno about you, but I'm starting to like the tradition of finishing the season under the lights in Evanston with a big win over a rival to secure a better bowl game. Those purple helmets looked sharp vs. Illinois last year and great again this year. We had a November to Remember with HUGE wins over our three biggest rivals, two upsets over ranked teams. Aside from an injury-hampered game against PSU, we've finished the year strong and hopefully can carry that momentum into a bowl game.

Where we go is still up for grabs, I guess. Orlando seems most likely, but if Wisky has a sluggish showing against Hawaii, THE OUTBACK FOLKS OWE US ONE (AT LEAST)! The SEC foe in Tampa might be a better draw than the ACC one in Orlando. But who cares? We're bowling again and Fitz has done an outstanding job this season.
Latest bowl picture guess ...
TITLE: Florida vs. Texas
- The Horns are looking hot and the Gators will Tebow Bama to death

ROSE: Ohio State vs. Oregon
- Should be one heck of a game! But both teams must get their uniforms checked before hand (ditto for Musburger's tie choice) by fashionistas

SUGAR: Alabama vs. Cincinnati
- Yawn #1 for Fox - Go Bearcats!

ORANGE: Georgia Tech vs. TCU
- Yawn #2 for Fox - two well-coached teams

FIESTA: Iowa vs. Boise State
- Yawn #3 for Fox - but it could be a pretty good game

CITRUS: Penn State vs. LSU
- Could be a good matchup of Ds with suspect offenses

OUTBACK: Wisconsin vs. Tennessee
- Again, I like the matchup for the Big Ten

CHAMPS: Northwestern vs. North Carolina
- The Heels are hot and beat Miami ... but we're hot as well

ALAMO: Michigan State vs. Texas Tech
- Two teams where you never know which one will show up

INSIGHT: Minnesota vs. Missouri
- Can they battle for Floyd of Iowa?
Thank you seniors and thank you coaching staff for a terrific season. We knew it would be hard at the start losing most of our offense and when we started 2-2 and had all the defensive injuries, it didn't look good. But you fought back for a fantastic finish for a second straight 5-3 season and a 4th place finish in the Big Ten. Now let's get that bowl win!


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