Random Thoughts: Whats this SunTimes stuff?

There's been some pointed comment by fans at the tone of some Sun Times articles about the Wilcats. It seems that the beat writer for the other paper in Chicago has belittled the Cats even though we've knocked off two ranked teams, etc. daCoach has a few thoughts about NU, the Sun Times and our joint history...

Yes, I have been "cogitating" on the sudden return of the negative tone of the Sun Times for a few days so please excuse the delay in the response….
Some time, back in the old days of NU, the only media outlet interested in the Wildcats was the Tribune and its blowtorch radio station, WGN720. If you remember back in the 70's, WGN had exclusive broadcast rights as WGN, not this new CBS sponsored sports network. (It takes Dave almost a minute to outline everything – the NU sports marketing, etc.)

I think the close ties to the Trib – they usually feed stories to them first – and the P*ssing Off of Telander in the mid 90's (whatever that was about) created a more adversarial relationship between the Sun Times and NU Athletics. When Barnett started recruiting kids who were considered "marginal academically" for NU, Telander went off and eventually refused to have his degree from NU mentioned (just like the Mushberger).

You also have to remember that nobody in Chicago really cared about NU Football except when we managed to beat the Irish, or the Illini.

But I think there is probably a valid gripe about football and basketball coverage in that everyone else has to go to the open practices and see who is riding bikes – Dave and whoever is his color guy get an afternoon to talk to everyone, find out who is hurt, what is in the game plan, you know, the stuff that the Big 10 announcers don't get because they apparently arrive on Friday.*

I've done pregame workups as the color man, and you don't have to go to practices since the coach will usually tell you what they plan to do. I'm sure the newspaper guy in Commerce, Texas resented at times that one-on-one contact I had every week before the game, but he went to practice and saw stuff we didn't.

I think NU may also seem to play favorites based on the media's coverage of the team. Along with the rest of Chicago, the "play nice with us or we'll shut you out" philosophy may be sneaking into the publicity arm at NU, and in response, the Sun Times, which prides itself as a blue collar south side newspaper (down where all the ND street corner Alums live), feels it should "stick it" to those pampered rich guys up north.

Hey, it sells newspapers. The Alums just need to keep bombarding the letters to the editors and we'll eventually get our side out also. When a good argument breaks out on the message boards, traffic soars. It's the same in the newspaper biz.

Meanwhile, the Sun Times comes off as the whiney media source when they talk about our Wildcats as circulation continues to plummet.

Hey Sun Times – see you in Florida!

* If they do come in on Thursday to preview the team, at least they could use the stuff they gather during the afternoon.

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