SjT: So Close We Could Taste It.

We're getting so close to that bowl win that it hurts more and more.

I like the fake call, but to the short side??? Ugh. Needed more aggressive calls on downs 1 through 3 since you knew you had no kicker. Why not go with Kafka? Ugh.

Looked like a good crowd in purple there and they and the team represented Northwestern well. Loved the guts in the comeback. Cardiac cats to the end, bless 'em.

In the second half, we started looking like those Drew Brees' Purdue teams with 60+ pass attempts and not even faking a run. How we could have used a Tyrell Sutton on a day like today.

A tough loss, but I don't want to hear any of that crap about SEC speed being too much for slow ole' NU. We deserved to be on that field and we dominated, yes DOMINATED, the first half of the game.

We moved the ball all over that field for 500+ yards and we held their running attack and back under 100 yards until that last scoring drive in regulation.

[But] You just can't make that many turnovers and win a game. You also can't miss that many kicks and win.

Solid defense (for most of the game), great heart in the comeback and all but this one hurts because it was a coulda/woulda/shoulda game. We had every chance to get the win and didn't make the plays.

This wasn't like Tennessee '97 or Nebraska '00 where we were clearly outmanned on the field ... This was like Mizzou last year.

We came in big underdogs with no chance or respect from most people, we showed we belonged and outplayed them ... but we came up short in the end.

Gotta work on that last part, but overall, thank you seniors and thank you Coach Fitz for a thoroughly enjoyable season. We may be a win shy of last year's record, but this team finished stronger and had better wins. There is noticeable progress on the field in Fitz' program and I can't wait to see what we do next year and in many many years with Coach Fitzgerald on our sideline.


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