What about that NU Defense?

You can think of the darndest things on a cold Friday morning... Like how the NU Basketball <b>Defense</b> works, why didn't the Football Coaches <b>recruit the Chicago Area</b> all star team, and the <b>crack of the bat</b> with snow on the ground...

A Whole Bunch of Random Thoughts,
as I fight off the "creeping crud'" that seems to have invaded this week.

1. The NU Wildcat Basketball Defense:
Everyone in the Big 10 knows how the NU Zone works, right? Its just a 1-2-2 that can collapse on the shooter.NU Coach Bill Carmody always jokes about putting it in during the last 2 practices before the season starts, right...

The real X and O guys probably can describe more accuarately, but at the Cat Backer's luncheon last Thursday, NU Assistant Coach Mitch Henderson gave the primary rule;
We just stress that you're responsible for the person you're in front of.

Most zones you know you're going to get help, but the guy that you're on at that moment, that's your man, until he gives it up and then you help...
We saw this man/zone shut down Indiana's big gun by taking away their cuts to the corner and forcing them to shoot from the top of the arc.

We saw it take away Purdue's speed  at going inside. We hear a lot about the "Princeton/NU Offense." Maybe the "NU/Princeton" Defense is the real answer.
2. Recruiting Chicago and Illinois kids:
Lots of rumbling and grumbling about the present NU recruiting class because for the first time in a long time there are no Illinois [or Chicago area] kids on the list.

Forget that the coaches recruiting assignments changed last year, and guys like Fitz are just now starting to recruit their "home" areas [and all the negative talk in the local media]...

From my notes, there were only a few guys in the area who had the interest in NU and how the team runs offense and defense, the skill levels to compete in the Big 10, and the academic focus needed to attend Northwestern.

High School kids are funny - they take themselves out of the recruiting game for a school very quickly based on how they "feel" about a campus, how they perceive their future place on a team, and whether they even want to play ball near their home town.

I try to pay attention to prospects in my area - to help try to find future NU prospects - and unlike MIami, ND, and FSU, there aren't a lot of kids around here with Div I skills who are dying to go to Northwestern. Its the same in Chicago and other parts of Illinois.

As Coach Randy Walker told Larry Watts, sometimes it just doesn't work out...
3. Bill Praast is probably happy today
Most of the message board regulars should know  why -
  • Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring Training Yesterday.
  • Veterans report over the weekend.
  • The NU Diamond Cats [Baseball] start their season this weekend. 
With 3-4 inches of snow on the diamond here in lower Delaware, its hard to believe that our first scrimmage is just 3 weeks away....Play Ball!
-- da Coach


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