Valentine's Day - Time to rhyme the recruits

Ahhh, <b>Valentine's Day</b> when Coach Roy's thoughts on recruiting wax poetic...<br> [about the 2003 Recruiting Class...]

Our Wildcats are Purple, and Roses are Red,
Coaches make this all possible, Randy has said.
Individual relations 'tween coach and recruit,
make the all difference when NU's Horn you would toot.

And better or worse we have coaches to thank
also players this year, the commitments did yank,
from Northwestern prospects from far and from wide
who signed NU's letter and did so with pride.

So who are these athletes, to whom NU appealed
and next fall will head north to play Ryan Field?
Twenty-one scholar athletes, to study and play
and maybe, just maybe some starters, we'll say...

On Offense a Tight End, a QB and more,
four Linemen, and really Pass Catchers Galore.
among these 2 centers to help replace King
and maybe one starts if defenders they fling.

The Defense - four linemen to plug up some holes,
four backers, and 2 defensive backs with big goals,
to shore up the Wildcat defense that was weak,
and of hitting and tackling these prospects do speak.

So down Randy's list we will head alphabetical
and make our own comments, we hope prophet-etical

The last guy is first, a TE who's named Frayne,
broke his leg playing QB, in pain
still managed some honors and to us he'd explain
that he picked after interest in others did wane.

Coach Pete on the Defensive line needs more ends
so there's now Warren Anderson, for a slot to contend.
a pre-med widebody with room left to grow,
and go out, the other team's runners to slow.

The "Big Dog" in all this could be Deante Battle,
Coach Jerry was smiling because he makes cattle
of other team's catchers when down field they do run,
he'll just grab the ball, tip it up for the fun.
and just when you think he's just coming to play,
Mechanical Engineering is his major he'll say.

He'll be joined in the backfield by one Ryan Black,
who we also hope will get the defense on track,
he plays both ways well, and can run back those kicks,
one went 98 yards, on the video that was slick.

Some coaches would like to have tall wide Receivers
and A.J. Burdex should be one more achiever
of glory for NU out catching the Ball,
he scored twenty three, o'er defenses a pall.
Seventeen on receptions, 4 punts did return
15 picks (two more TD's), State honors did earn.

One kid Coach Randy compared to Sam Simmons
Big shoes for Sam Cheatham, but he should quite fill 'em,
Sixty three for a 17 plus catching average,
14 TDs and on defense can't disparage.
All American selection by Prepstar and others,
we should see him out there annoying the covers.

And just when you think those two are alone,
comes another from Southfield, old TJ - Tonjua Jones.
Another tall, speedy and pass catching player,
who 18 per catch on an average did savor,
twelve TDs last year, and a whole bunch of stats
he also played defense - 5 picks, how 'bout 'dat.

An early commit was from Dublin, Ohio
One Adam Kedela at backer he'll try-o,
He's looking to play for the Cats in the middle,
and learn from Coach Fitz with offenses to diddle
six sacks and five fumbles last year he did nab,
MLB will be open, a slot he might grab.

It seems out of nowhere, Mark Koehn just appeared
Coach Pete saw his tape, and his talent he cheered,
He played football all over the field but D line
is where NU should put him, to do, they hope fine.
He also plays roundball, and fullback, tight end,
and even some QB, but offenses he'll bend.

We need still more size on the offensive line
and big Fred McConnell should help us in time,
at 6-3 and 310, he's certainly biggest
with 150 pancakes, even Patton was impressed,
His teammate was TJ and he will be still,
a Pre-med plus up front he'll show us his skill.

Reggie McPherson is one more receiver,
last year with his teamate, Sam Cheatham, believer
did make of opponents out in S'Leandro
Sixty one catches, 12 TDs as they go
to play for the title. He plays, court and field,
a forward on court, and a glove he does wield.

You have to have QBs and Randy chose one
He's Chris Malleo of Jersey, a star on the come.
Two thousand plus yards and a whole bunch of scores,
he'll add some more depth as we head to the wars
of the Big 10 that eats up QBs by the bunch
he punts, and he runs, and he scores before lunch.

NU lost its center this Spring to the draft,
so the middle line slot is a job with a craft.
Austin Matthews is one of the kids that's in line
to start every play with technique that is fine.
He's played Center, and tackle and even some guard,
The Cats no Austin would surely be hard.

From Houston we got David Ngene [en Genn ee]
a lineman who played games both ways and really
his strength can be measured by some in half tons,
from powerhouse Humble, with records he won,
he'll come to the Wildcats, to help turn the tide
at the front of attack he'll use strength, quick and pride.

Another from Houston is C - Trevor Rees
[the guy up above with the smile if you please]
last two years he's blocked in the middle for runners
who put up 2,000 yard seasons - no bummers.
Add One hundred sixty five pancake blocks and more
In one game his team ran in 3 sneaks for a score.

Nick Roach is another guy playing linebacker
with a 10-8 100 yard dash, but he'd rather
get out on the field for the Wildcats and play
outside lineback for Fitz and help show a new way.
He's made one hundred twenty six tackles and more
3 sacks, several fumbles and a pick for a score.

Another big guy to throw into the breach
of the defensive line, we hope easy to teach,
is from Battle Creek, one Trevor Schultz who will bring
more numbers of who all the stat guys will sing.
Two Hundred and seventy two tackles he's made
I'm sure there are tracks on the backs whom he's played.

Then Fast Eddie Simpson,  who gave all a laugh,
he said his recruiter, the man from the staff
who asked him to name him, some credit to earn
for getting this backer his speed for to burn
as another outside man for Fitz to show duty,
according to some he hits just like who? Hudie.

We said there were four big upfront guys to list
Dylan Thiry was the fourth for whom coaches all wished.
He's 6-8! two ninety, and his team was so fine
they lost only one game when he started the line.
Another big guy to make holes in the fore,
for our backs to run right down the field for to score.

This year at receiver the coaches went tall
and fast with good hands they did put out a call.
Kim Thompson did answer and he brings the stats,
seven TD's on 32 catches

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